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Why Mobile Marketing Matters and How To Keep It Simple

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Mobile marketing can sound mysterious and confusing with the complexities of responsive design and the technicalities and legalities of SMS marketing. So let’s concentrate on some of the fundamentals about why it matters and how just about any type of businesses can benefit from mobile.

Here are some mobile marketing basics to remember, without getting lost in the technical weeds, as summarized from Forbes.

Be Mobile-Friendly

Mobile users are different. They’re impatient and won’t stick around if your site is hard to use on a mobile device. If you haven’t yet moved your website to a responsive or mobile-friendly design, now’s the time. This can be as easy as updating your theme, if your website is built on a CMS platform like WordPress. Be sure any emails you send are also mobile-friendly.

Offer Your Own App

Making your own mobile app is now more doable than ever, even for small businesses. You don’t even have to create a customized app, you can basically pick one off the virtual shelf to help improve your customers’ experience or generate more business.

Offer Incentives To Opt-In

Mobile campaigns are great ways to drive traffic to your website. Think of a mobile messaging (or SMS) campaign as similar to an email campaign. The trick is to get recipients to opt-in first.

Incentivize people by offering exclusive offers for opting-in to your mobile list. Timing is important, so try to send messages at a time when it’s appropriate for your audience!

One added benefit of an SMS campaign is that everyone will see it the same, regardless of the type of device or platform on which it’s viewed.

Advertising On Mobile

Figuring out the right type of mobile advertising will take some experimentation, with so many different advertising channels to consider. Keep in mind that ad copy should be brief and tailored to fit the medium. The general rule is to use shorter copy and short words for a mobile audience.

Integrate Mobile Across Mediums

The more you integrate your mobile message with your other marketing efforts, the better the results will be. Every time you send an email or letter, ask your reader to opt-in to your mobile list (be sure to mention your exclusive offer!). Every medium should reinforce the message and tell people how and why they should opt-in.

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