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Why using Newspaper for Your Marketing is a Great Idea

Being seen online is a necessity. However, reaching first place on search engines might be very difficult to achieve, especially if you are working in a competitive field. Sometimes, you need to be seen where others are not. That is why going old school and printing newspapers, just might be the best thing you can do, in order to come out of the crowd.

It is All about Distribution

If you want to have success through newspaper print, you will need to define how and where to distribute it. This is how you will either succeed in your quest for visibility or fail. Therefore, before you start modifying a template and sending it to print, take a look at these various distribution possibilities, and choose the one(s) that fits best for your products or services.

Local Business

If your company is mostly directed to a crowd that lives in the neighborhood, then your best distribution route will be locations where people either wait or spend time. You can meet with doctor's offices and ask if you can drop your newspaper there so that people can read while they wait. You can also think of other types of offices, such as lawyers or dentists. Don't forget public locations, such as the government or at the Mayor's office. Chances are they will be willing to help your business. A great place to drop some copies is restaurants and cafés. People who stop there by themselves, like to have something to read while they eat and drink.

Specific Industry Related

If your company only sells to one specific industry, it makes your job easier. In this case, what you will want to do is to approach the industry's association. Ask them if you could do a mailing to their members. This will most probably come at a cost. However, it is a good investment, since you will be reaching all of your potential customers, at once. The fact that you are using a newspaper format will surprise and that is what will differentiate you from your competitors. Just make sure that the content that fills it is as surprising (in a good way), so that they keep a good opinion of you when they have looked through it. Don't hesitate to insert content that doesn't talk about your products and services only, but that you know will help the companies that will read it.

Business Clients at Large

If you aim to reach business clients, you will want to print a few more copies of your newspaper. To keep the cost down, you should choose a smaller number of pages. Then, you can drop the newspaper in office buildings around the city. It is better to do it yourself the first time around, in order to talk with the person in charge and to make sure that they won't go directly into the trash. While you are there, you can enquire if it would be ok to place one in every mailbox. If so, you may just have hit the jackpot.

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