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Why Your Online Marketing Is Not Working for Your Business!

There are so many ways to deliver content and access to pages on your website but despite brining in traffic, there are always going to be traffic sources that do not work or you just have no configured them correctly. However, there are also external reasons why an online marketing campaign does not work, which we are going to cover below.

Brand Trust

eComm stores suffer from lack of brand trust the most. Now generally this is what social media is for, but even then, there are tons of scams on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now if you are a local store with a physical address, brand trust is not going to be an issue because your online marketing campaigns are beckoning people to come to your shop which is a tangible shopping experience so to speak.

eComm stores are very different because in essence the shopping experience or brand experience could be construed as intangible – as in you are not physically going to a store and browsing real life products that you can touch, hold, and see which means you can test for quality.

Getting over this tangible Vs intangible experience for the shopper is one of the main reasons eComm stores fail. Therefore, you need to come up with ways to make the shopping experience tangible such as video content, webinars, and even sending free samples to those interested in your products.

· Getting people to trust your brand online is a major obstacle

· Physical location build brand trust much easier than online stores

Wrong Target Markets

It is surprisingly easy to target the wrong markets especially when you are creating paid ad campaigns. It is tempting to use all the suggested keywords by the paid ads company and for most newbies to online marketing, they assume that the paid ads company knows what it is talking about and is suggesting these keywords because they will help you.

Bad news here. These are suggested keywords yes, but many of them will be irrelevant. For example, you may be selling Indian VPNs and the paid ads company suggest you use the keywords ‘business IT systems’ which does happen. Assuming that this is relevant could land you with a huge bill for a keyword that is non-specific to VPNs. All you are hoping here is that someone looking for business IT systems happens to want a VPN.

To fix this, make sure your keywords are ‘specific’ to your target market. Be very direct about the way you target your audience instead of using keywords that are too broad.

· Avoid using broad keywords that will only gain a small percentage of sales

· Use specific keywords that target exactly what people are looking to purchase

Messy and Unorganised Content

Your content should not be messy, it should not have too many blocks of information, and it should be bulleted as well as subtitled. Much like this blog. The bullets can be your main selling points while the paragraphs are for those that want to read in more detail what those bullet points mean.

Another issue that affects sales is badly written content. It is easy to hire a content writer on the cheap, but let’s be honest ‘you get what you pay for’.

Putting up just any old content is all very well if you plan on changing it later. But leaving bad content up on your website will harm your brand rep and people will not come back to your website. Even if you change the content, they do not know that, and so you have lost a potential customer just because your content was erratic.

· Only post high-quality and highly organised content on your website

· Avoid huge chunks of writing by using sub-headings and bullets

Creating Success Is About Targeting and Quality

In brief, there are 2 steps to creating a successful e-comm site. Targeting the correct market and building brand trust via quality content and trust building activities. Once your site gains traffic from the relevant audiences, the next step is to get people to engage in your brand to drive sales.

Trust is built through high quality and meaningful content. This includes sales pages, FAQs, live chat support, video, and webinars. You will also need to build trust using other tactics such as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). You can attach your company to a physical location such as a charity.

Now even though you are using CSR marketing to drive sales, the fact that you are helping people or animals in need or helping to improve the environment. Try to see it as your success helps to improve our world which is a fair deal and without CSR like this, charities would arguably see half the revenues they current receive.

We hope this information comes in useful, and of course keep looking around our website for more useful marketing and business content.


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