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Nobody Litigates For the Fun of It

While distracting, unproductive, costly and an incredible drain on time and energy, workplace disputes are an unavoidable part of doing business. At times, litigation is necessary. The lawyers at are experienced and successful in the courtroom. Their employment and labor law caseload include Wrongful and Constructive dismissal, Competitive activity and Fiduciary Duty, Labor Relations, Human Rights, and Occupational Health and Safety prosecutions. Clients are located all over North America, and the western part of the Greater Toronto Area. The staff at Goulart Lawyers know emergencies don’t keep regular office hours. A confidential message may be left any time, day or night, at 289.856.1100.

Meeting the Specialized Needs of Every Client As leaders in group charter flights and aviation logistics, many of the world’s largest companies including governments and organizations trust Momentum Solutions to provide complete transportation solutions for the best group charter. Their work is defined by their customers and their level of satisfaction, and their network is ever-growing, ensuring global connectivity. Momentum Solutions offers to offer streamlined, full-scale, and customized solutions to meet the needs of every organization. As industry leaders and partners of choice, Momentum Solutions deliver innovative, custom, and full-scale solutions to help clients across the globe.

PASC – The Footprint of Our Industry People depend on our industry for their livelihoods, and many more rely on the food, health, and consumer products their members produce every day. Manufacturers of food, health, and consumer products are the engines of our Canadian economy. PASC is the largest manufacturing employer in Canada. 350,000 Canadians are employed in this industry, including 66,000 Quebec jobs in more than 1,600 companies, 85% of which are SMEs. Nearly 10,000 establishments in each province. For more information on this up and coming business, visit

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