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Yes - there is a simpler way to find the right Event Tech!

Looking for the right Technology solution for your next event can be overwhelming! My guest this week breaks down what you need to know. 1) This week - Finding the RIGHT Event Tech

How do you find and decide on the best tech tools and platforms for your upcoming trade show or event? Listen in!

My guest, Merijn van Buuren developed Event Mender, a tool to take out all the guesswork about Event Tech for event organizers.

We discuss:

  • Why do organizers need (to keep adding) new tools?

  • What does the current process look like, and why is this a problem?

  • What can event professionals do differently?

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2) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip - Offer an Irresistible Show Special Want to make sales or get commitments during the show? If you have a product with a short sales cycle, try offering a Show Special with pricing, terms, or add-ons only available during the show! That can get some potential customers to purchase right away - bringing sales in while keeping that customer away from your competition! 3) IT'S HERE!! New Trade Show Traffic Scorecard! Our Brand New and Exclusive Trade Show Booth Traffic Scorecard was sent out to email subscribers ONLY last week in a separate email! Did you get your copy?? And it's ABSOLUTELY FREE! Just need to be signed up on this email newsletter list. So SHARE this with someone and have them go to to sign up! Let me know what you think of the Booth Traffic Scorecard! Reply back with your comments!

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Jim Cermak Host & Trade Show Coach


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