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You're Using LinkedIn WRONG! Here's how to change it

by Jim Cermak,

Do you use LinkedIn? Millions of business people use LinkedIn every day to market their business, build relationships, build communities, and more. And according to my guest, the vast majority are doing it WRONG. Join me in this eye-opening discussion with the owner of The Troy Agency and The Not-So-Boring LinkedIn Guy, Troy Hipolito, as he shares tips and advice for truly connecting and building relationships with your ideal target connections! Learn...

  • How and why to use age-old Dating Techniques

  • How many touch-points you need to have with a contact

  • What most people do wrong on LinkedIn

  • And so much more!

Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #136

Ask Attendees Questions FIRST

When working a show, be sure you are asking questions to attendees before they start asking you. Ask them about their company, their needs, who they currently buy from, and most importantly be sure to get them qualified!

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