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3 Ways to Create Content That Delivers Traffic

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

By Daniel Robbins,


I recently heard that there are over 500 million blogs on the internet. That means a lot of competition for the top spot on Google. Out of all the SEO tactics, I believe that a good content strategy is the key to outperforming those other blogs.

It's easy to start writing content with a few good keywords and to think it will automatically rank higher. However, the competition is always thinking ten steps ahead and Google is forever updating its algorithms. I highly suggest you create a content strategy in order to gain a leg up. In this article, I will go over three ways to create content that delivers results.

1. Tailor your articles to your audience.

Brands write blog posts geared toward certain audiences, but many of them write content that is very general. Make yours as specific and drilled down as possible. This may lessen the number of people who search for or read it, but for those who do find and read your content, there is a better chance it will resonate with them. Specific, niche content often has less competition because the keywords have not been fully optimized. You know and understand your audience, so tailor niche content toward them to stand out.

For example, my company offers a men's skincare line, but this is a very competitive niche. So, we honed in on our tinted sunscreen product and found that tinted sunscreen for oily skin has very little competition. We created content around this keyword phrase and saw a higher Google ranking and that most of our traffic was coming from this content. Since then, we have expanded into other long-tail keywords on the topic.

2. Research, research, research.

Many people don't do enough homework before starting to write their content. However, you can save yourself time and a headache later by figuring out what is already working for your competition and going from there. Many tools exist that will show you which keywords your competitor is using in their blog posts. Look for the keywords that are driving the most clicks. You can also take the time to read the comments left on these posts and to see who shares the articles, giving you additional insights to make your own content stronger.

As a skincare brand focused on diversity and inclusion, we noticed on a major competitor's blog that people were commenting on how they felt the articles were not written by someone who truly understood their concerns. So, we make sure to have someone who fits the aligned product demographic writing from their personal experience; that way, readers find the content more relatable and know our products are for them.

3. Use all on-page tactics available to you.

There are many on-page tactics that you can leverage, such as including external and internal links, placing keywords in your title, meta descriptions, image alt texts and URL, and more. It is good to use everything you have at your disposal when structuring blog posts in order to gain the highest ranking possible in the shortest amount of time.

I suggest you try different things in your titles and meta descriptions. Think about what your competitors are doing and add in or delete relevant keywords as you assess how your content is performing. When looking for external links, find sites with high authority that can help boost your content. Make sure, though, that these links are relevant to your article; sometimes even linking to a competitor site has worked for us. Show Google that your content is an easy place for customers to find content or products that they want. Think from the customer's perspective and put yourself in their shoes.

Thanks to the ever-increasing number of blogs in the online space, you must find a way to win attention and beat out your competitors. This takes a well-thought-out plan of execution. Using these three tactics is a good start to getting your posts and content ranking higher in search engines. Once you optimize posts for Google, you can then work on keeping your customers coming back for more.

Daniel Robbins is CMO of LUVMRE, a growing CBD brand for women, COO of Bintana Sa Paraiso, a resort in the Philippines, and CEO of His, tinted sunscreen for men.

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