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6 Time Saving Content Marketing Tricks for Small-Medium Businesses

by TNS Experts

Running your own business means you need to dedicate extra hours for its successful growth. During such effort to lead your business to success requires making content marketing part of the process.

Most small, as well as medium businesses, find it difficult to produce blogs or high-quality content for social media while they are busy after their business.

Many small businesses hesitate to invest their time and money in investing content marketing efforts. They don't realize the potential of content marketing efforts with which they can easily establish their marketing goals.

Content marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies you can use to grow your business manifold by bringing more leads than traditional marketing strategies.

As a small or medium business entrepreneur, knowing some easy content marketing tricks can help in saving not only hours of your time but in growing your business with minimum effort.

This blog will help you with 6 content marketing tricks to save your time while smoothly managing your business.

Table of Contents

  1. Know your Audience

  2. Set Clear Goals

  3. Explore the Best Content Types

  4. Knowledge of SEO and Search Engine Marketing

  5. Prioritize your content creation

  6. Create a Content To-do List

1. Know your Audience

Knowing who your audience is the first thing you need to realize before implementing or planning any marketing strategy. This is a time-saving tip to make revisions to the plans you will be creating next. It will make your job easier to set a goal when creating content. 

Making some customer personas will help you. When you create a plan keep these things in mind. Think about the likes and dislikes, also the kind of tone and approach which will be most effective with your readers.

2. Set Clear Goals

Content Marketing can be achieved with a clear content plan. Often many businesses jump into mistakes and receive a negative outcome without setting a goal of having a clear plan. This will prompt them to quickly turn back from such efforts. Therefore before making a content plan, set a clear outline or overview of what you want to achieve.

Sometimes you’ll have to do more revisions to your plan or even re-do some of your work from scratch. Investing a few minutes in making an outline will save you time in the long run. When you know which points to cover, you’ll be able to produce a good piece of content more quickly and easily.

3. Explore the Best Content Types

Now, you have your audience segmentation and the plan ready, but what about the type of content you will have to use to reach them out?

Start researching or exploring the type of content your audience prefers the most. To understand your audience preference, start testing all sorts of content types such as blog posts, informative articles, guides, landing pages, photos, brochures, e-books, video, audio, webinars etc.

Understanding which content types have a successful impact on your business requires analytics of all the activities. Normally all the social media will give you a weekly report on all the organic activity. But in the case of your business website, have Google Analytics linked to your website and with every activity, you perform outside your business.

4. Knowledge of SEO and Search Engine Marketing

To effectively implement your content marketing strategies, you need to have some level of knowledge about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing. Although both these terms have some similarity, both have different concepts which can be confusing to a beginner.

While Search Engine Optimization is “the process of maximizing the number of visitors to your website", SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the marketing tactic to optimize and advertise your website to appear higher in search results.

SEO is a constantly changing industry due to the frequently updated Algorithm of the popular search engine- Google. Although there are changes, what is constant is its On-Page and Off-Page activities. As an entrepreneur, if you can learn these two aspects of SEO, it will help you to stabilize your content marketing plan. 

5. Prioritize your content creation

Next step in the content marketing trick is to prioritize the area of your content creation. Content is data, therefore, set out to create only specific content formats after clearly understanding what will perform better is the opportunity best used.

Content marketing is beyond just writing blogs. If you feel only social media and more specifically Facebook and Instagram work better than other content formats, then, concentrate more on these mediums.

Whether you're doing blogs or any other sorts of content, being consistent in publishing content will help you to build a loyal audience for frequent visitors. Also, try to measure the data and understand what works best for your business and audience.

6. Create a Content To-do List

To-do lists always remind you about what all are the things you should do and establish within a specified time. It is also a great productivity tool to help you organize your priorities and to quickly glance at what else you still have to finish.

Be realistic with your to-do list, because, if you try to do a week’s job in a day, you will end up doing nothing. Also, there's a tendency you will feel discouraged. Therefore, schedule your to-do-list with an establishable timeline. Focus on finishing the most important tasks first followed by not so important ones.

The Takeaway

Content marketing is often a stressful job. If you are not careful, it can eat up all your time and at the end of the day, you will still feel nothing is done and not enough time. Therefore, time management is an important thing along with other tasks. It will help not only in finding a solution to your problem but you will learn to balance life and work.

We know that content marketers can take a leading role in a company's integrated digital marketing strategy.So what's one of the best ways to become a digital marketing specialist? Keep these tips as a starting point in your content marketing journey and see if it works for you.

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