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Be Where the Planners Are: 3 Key Channels for Hotel Marketing

By Hannah Prince

No matter what product or service you’re selling, it’s important to get in front of as many potential buyers as possible. For hotels, destinations, and venues looking to attract group business, that means always being visible to meeting and event planners. Of course, you want to make sure your own website features vibrant photography and is discoverable with SEO and referral links. But to build your brand awareness and reach planners who are browsing, you also need to proactively get in front of them as they use their typical tools. Here are three industry channels to consider adding to your marketing strategy.

Live Events

It’s no surprise that planners like to attend events as well as plan them. Conferences and trade shows are a great place to not only collect new leads, but also create lasting business connections. If you can build a relationship in person, you have a better chance of finding a customer for life. Attend and exhibit at shows such as Cvent CONNECT, IMEX, and MPI’s World Education Congress (WEC).

Blogs and Newsletters

These resources are very useful opportunities to keep your hotel, destination, or brand top of mind all year round. Planners are checking industry blogs and newsletters regularly — even when they aren’t actively sourcing a venue. But the more exposure you have over time, the more likely they are to think of your brand when another event opportunity comes up. Consider purchasing both ads and sponsored posts.

Sourcing Platforms

The best-case scenario is to get your brand in front of planners at the right time when they are ready to submit an RFP. Online sourcing platforms such as the Cvent Supplier Network already have high search rankings, but you need to take advantage of opportunities to stand out on that network. Consider ads that target planners searching for your competitors, for instance. Even better, you can build dynamic mini-websites within the sourcing platform itself to promote a collection of properties and stand out in a sea of venue listings.

Hannah Prince

Hannah joined Cvent as the Senior Editor for Hospitality Cloud content after more than a decade in the journalism world. As a passionate editor, she's always willing to discuss the merits of the Oxford comma, the use of who vs. whom, or the definition of a dangling modifier. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, taking her dog to happy hour, and buying even more shoes.

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