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Google Analytics & Content Writing

Google Analytics is the free tool and if you can get your clients to use it or ask for access to their existing analytics having inside knowledge on user behavior is invaluable. As a content specialist showing interest in your client’s Google Analytics is a smart way to show that you know your stuff.

Now one issue here is that some webmasters may not be happy about giving you access to their analytics tool. Yet, if you are given basic user access, you will be able to see exactly how your client’s website visitors get to the content you have written. You can also look for pages on the website that have high bounce rates and look for ways to create catchy content that is sticky.

When I say stick – I mean the content should be catchy, so people stay on the page for longer. Check other pages on the site for low bounce rates and compare the content to see if there are any clues here.

Now, reducing bounce rates can take time, but if you keep working at it, you will find that magic formula. Once you hit that formula, your worth as a writer will increase immensely because you can confidently say ‘I can help you reduce your content’s bounce rates’ or better put ‘I can make website visitors stay on your website for longer’.

This leads me to my final point on infographics!

Note: If you are not familiar with Google Analytics then you can take a free Google course and even get certified by Google themselves. Check out the Google Analytics Academy.

Infographics and Video Software

Having access to vector quality infographics is priceless for writers looking to reduce bounce rates. I may even create one for this article later on down the line depending on how many reads or comments I get here on Hacker Noon. (Fingers crossed!).

If playing with titles, shorting text, and adding bullet points to make facts and interesting information on webpage stand up do not work, then you should try infographics to get the message across. Infographics are often catchy and if the content gives the reader points he or she is interested in, then the chances are that person will go on to read content under subtitles that relate to each section of the infographics.

Video can also be catchy, but this is another skill itself. While you can pick up infographics packages with 1,000s to choose from and the ability to edit them, video takes far more work. Personally, if I have to take the video route, I hire someone if it is within my cost boundaries while editing infographics is much quicker, cheaper. Although infographics still take some degree of effort, they are far easier to implement when compared with video editing.

Rounding It All Up

In previous articles I covered some of the software I use which you will find in the ‘Technology You Can Use To Become a Valued Writer’. My advice would be to begin with Grammarly and forget the other software until you have established yourself. If you are already a freelance writer, then I hope the additional tools such as SurferSEO, Serpbot, and Google Analytics will help you advance your career. I also have some examples of VPN comparison content in the previous articles I mentioned.

Essentially, I introduced these tools to my content services by thinking outside the box. I aimed to help clients at the same time as secure income/work for myself.

Lastly, I think the introduction of infographics can happen at any stage of your writing career. However, infographics do take some time to prepare. You will need to weigh up whether what you are being paid constitutes the use of infographics. If you are not getting paid a great deal, maybe you can add a couple in as examples and then put a price on them as a ‘just in case you need them’ for your client.

That’s it. I really hope you enjoyed the read, and I am sure I will back with more useful articles on the subject of blockchain tech, IT, and freelance


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