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How to Customize Your Content Strategy for Unparalleled Success


We're often told that slow and steady wins the race, and that repetition is key, but that's not the case when it comes to content strategy. Posting the same content in repetitive formats gets old fast and isn't a good way to retain or expand your audience. 

Although content production is a creative process, it needs to be approached with a strategy. You can't predict the ideas you are going to have, but you can categorize how you'll use them. Here are a few tips for conceiving solid content strategy that increases your brand awareness and optimizes your reach.


This longer-form content is key to building your credibility and demonstrating your expertise. If you are only posting on social media platforms about your business or product, it may be hard to get people to take you seriously. With an over-saturated feed of salesy content, you run the risk of resembling what everyone hates the most--multi-level marketing ploys.

Writing articles or blog posts allows you to highlight what your business does through a more lasting medium. You can use blog posts and articles to answer questions you are often asked or as a helpful tool for your prospective clients. Plus, if you're daunted by having to produce more writing, blog and article content can often spawn ideas for smaller chunks of content you can use elsewhere. Turn a catchy quote into a tweet, just don't overdo it. 


In a world that's driven by audio and visuals, having video content is a major asset to your content strategy. Whether it's an informational whiteboard video, or a stripped-down, authentic chat amongst employees, videos are a way to get creative and reach untapped audiences or connect on a deeper level with an existing audience. By using video, you have a widely-accessible way to capture the attention of those who are otherwise all too busy to stop. 

Consider ideas such as behind the scenes videos, key employee profiles, special events and company outings, and product demos as possible additions to your video strategy.


Podcasting is booming. You may have missed the initial explosion of podcasts, but it's not too late to jump into the mix with your own. According to a 2019 study by Edison Research, 51% of Americans have listened to a podcast. That's roughly 144 million people who are consuming content in this format. 

No need to go overboard with volume right out of the gate--you can try creating short, monthly episodes to start. Consider bringing on some guests. An interview-style podcast is a great way to create organic, enjoyable content, plus it allows you to network within your field as you search for good guests. Mixed in with your other mediums of content, a podcast boosts your credibility and helps you grow as a thought leader.

Social Media Posts

Social media posts should be a key component in your content strategy plan. Social media is a great way to promote your other pieces of content--like your newest podcast episode or article placement--while also reaching a wide audience. Using hashtags is a great way to do this by making your posts discoverable to people outside of your existing follower pool. 

Create unique content for each platform. It may be more work, but it gives people a reason to follow you on all platforms and ensures you're making the most of each content channel. And although we know that the 80/20 rule is an outdated rule for social media strategy, tread carefully when it comes to promoting your business or products. The quickest way to get people to unfollow you is by filling their feed with nonstop advertisements.

Consider interspersing your promotional posts with fun ones that encourage audience engagement. By being deliberate with your content strategy by channel and format, you'll give yourself the best chance to reach and widen your audience and drive the marketing results you're seeking.


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