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What are the Benefits of Boutique Hotels vs. Chain Hotels?

There are some pretty substantial differences between boutique hotels vs. chain hotels. Oftentimes, these can be seen in the benefits and service offerings. Location, facilities and amenities, and venue space also serve as the main differentiators. Here, we’ll show you the main benefits (and downsides) of boutique hotels vs. chain hotels.

Benefits of boutique hotels

Many boutique hotels are trending as travelers are seeking the authentic experience of living where they’re visiting. Lack of a lengthy corporate structure and guidelines allow boutique hotels to offer a personalized experience. Owners can change interiors or upgrade amenities when they see fit. Good boutique hotels also know how to take advantage of the surrounding area. This includes locally sourcing food from nearby providers, as well as other items like flowers, furniture, etc.

A boutique hotel can offer anywhere between 25 to over 100 rooms to its guests. This allows them to enjoy a more cozy experience that lacks the vastness of a chain hotel.

Travelers looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind stay the most likely to benefit from a stay at a boutique hotel. Some boutique hotels may even be located in renovated homes or innovative, modern buildings. They can feature trendy artwork, bands, music, or other unique amenities, too.

Benefits of chain hotels

Predictability can be a great asset when traveling. A chain hotel lets you know what to expect before you even check in, as we have all most likely stayed at one at one time or another. Chain hotels have multiple locations and can offer hotels nationally and internationally – they must be doing something right to have such expansive business.

Unfortunately, there is rarely a loyalty program for boutique hotels versus chain hotels. Just about every chain hotel offers miles or reward points that can offer benefits such as a free night, free meals, and other amenities. Staying at the same chain over and over can really add up, even if you travel to different cities.

Amenities also tend to be superior at a chain hotel. If you like having an Olympic sized swimming pool and full gym, a boutique hotel may not be for you. Those looking to hold an event can be assured a chain hotel is more likely to be able to handle your wedding, party, etc.

Business travelers can also benefit from a chain hotel. They can negotiate better room rates for employees who stay there often. Businesses can also get great deals when holding events and offering attendees rooms.

The staff is similarly just as great as those at boutique hotels. However, chain hotels allow them to attract top hospitality talent by offering generous salaries, benefits, etc.

Boutique hotels vs. chain hotels: which would you choose?

One type of property is a good option for some, one option is good for another, and some people like to mix options. Guests may like the standardized expectations of a chain whereas some may like the unexpected amenities of a boutique hotel. What both have in common is that both are a fine choice when it comes to having a solid guest experience.

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