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What Makes a Brand Successful?

In a world dominated by thousands of big companies, businesses have to be at their very best to rise to the top. Some companies always appear to be several steps ahead of the rest – their products are perceived as the best out there, consumers are familiar with and trust the brand, their stores can be seen worldwide, and customers enjoy buying their products. Brands who possess these qualities have become multinational businesses and have often got help with their branding from creative and digital marketing agencies like Zool. So, let’s take a look at what brands do to set themselves apart from fierce competition.


If you want your customers to be willing to spend a lot of money on your product, you need to make sure they value it first. All the best companies identify what consumers want, and what their needs are and incorporate them into the product – thus ensuring that customers will feel they are getting their money’s worth. The better your product matches all the wants and needs of the customer, the more they will see value in it. One of the best examples of when this is important is a smartphone. Because Apple and Samsung’s smartphones are expensive, these companies will reinforce how their latest products are beneficial to the customer. People must deem their products as being worth the purchase, as almost everyone in the world has one of their smartphones.

Your Own Identity

A company needs to have a clear identity if it wants to acquire a significant market share. A clear identity means that when audiences see your marketing, they will immediately associate it with your brand. Such is the strength of big companies’ brand association; consumers don’t even have to hear the brand’s name to know the brand is apparent. For example, if you’re walking down the street and see a sign that reads “Think Different”, you immediately recognise it as an Apple advert without seeing the brand name or logo itself. If you hear the tune of “Ba ba ba ba ba, I’m lovin’ it” you don’t need telling that it is a McDonald’s advert. To attain a strong identity, big brands allow their persona to be prominent through every aspect of marketing, therefore leaving a lasting impression on the consumer.

Always Be One Step Ahead

It may sound cliché, but the ability to “think differently” is vital. If you are innovative in everything you do, you are put in good stead to grow as a brand. Just look at Blackberry and Nokia – at one point they were leading the way in the mobile phone world. However, when Apple and Samsung began introducing constant updates, the competition became too fierce for them. Similarly, Blockbuster didn’t see the rapid rise of Netflix and ended up paying the price. Big brands are capable of predicting change in trends in the market before they occur, meaning their ideas are implemented in time for said changes. A great example of this is Amazon Prime Air – using the latest technologies and studying people’s orders, Amazon has created an idea that its rivals will no doubt be copying soon.

These tips can be massively beneficial to any company, no matter their size. If anything, this knowledge could be more advantageous to a business which is just starting out. This is because when starting, companies often need that lucky break to propel themselves to the top – however, said break does not come along unless you are standing out to customers from all of your competitors.


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