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10 TikTok Marketing Tips . Tip #1 Video Length

by Louie Bischoff

One of the most frequent questions that I get asked is...."What is the Best Length for a TikTok Video?"

Here are a couple of Key Things to Know:

  • The MAXIMUM length is 10 minutes for TikTok

  • You should aim for brevity, tho

  • Best video length should be 7-15 seconds

  • Your best bet would be to hover around 15 seconds - which is just enough time to hook a viewer & keep their attention

  • A short window allows for strong watch time and video completion numbers.

So, remember, to keep it short.

Here's a visual from another marketer who watched the Top 100 TikTok Vids.

The average length was 15.6 seconds.

(Research done by Dan Slee)

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