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17 Amazing Event Marketing Examples

by Megan Wenzl

Marketing events are about more than keynote speakers and giving out free pens in a crowded conference room. 

The successful events – the events that give attendees a fulfilling feeling when they leave – provide educational experiences, opportunities to connect with people in an industry, and exciting environments. 

In this article, we provide examples of marketing events that are truly amazing. We also talk about why they are amazing. 

Get inspired with the best event marketing examples.

Content Marketing World hosts more than 120 live sessions taught by some of the leading content markers in the world. 

These interactive and engaging sessions give you real world practical strategies and advice on how to more effectively implement content marketing in your business efforts. 

Why this event is amazing: With over 3,000 expected attendees in 2019, attendees not only learn from experts in content marketing, but also connect with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and growth marketers in the world — all in one place. The speakers make things exciting, too. The stage they stand on looks like something from a pop concert.

One of the ways CXL Live separates itself from other marketing conferences is that it’s always held in a world-class resort, making it the perfect place to not only improve your marketing and conversion knowledge but connect with some of the most effective marketers in the world. 

CXL Live prides itself in having zero sales pitches, ensuring the three day conference is jam-packed with value. 

Why this event is amazing: Admission to CXL Live includes all the drinks and food needed throughout the conference, so there’s no need for attendees to worry about getting something to eat. 

None of their speakers are sponsored, and their lineup of speakers and teachers always includes some of the most successful in individuals in marketing today. The conference offers the perfect blend of value-packed keynotes plus time to connect with other like-minded individuals who are attending.

This conference is packed with 100 sessions, hands-on learning, peer networking, and insights into the latest technology. 

Located in the easily accessible city of Las Vegas, Cvent CONNECT brings together 4,000 event marketing professionals, hospitality professionals, and technology professionals. 

Why this event is amazing: Roundtable discussions, customer-led best practice sessions, trade show appointments, and evening event experiences offer everything you could need to improve your event marketing this year.

4. Marketo Nation Summit at Adobe Summit

This conference is filled with some of the best marketing tips and strategies to help take a business or a career to the next level. 

Located in the easily accessible city of Las Vegas, the Adobe Summit typically hosts over 10,000 – 15,000 entrepreneurs, and is the conference to ensure attendees have a pulse on the latest marketing strategies that work. 

Why this event is amazing: During the conference attendees can schedule their very own breakthrough sessions including hands-on guidance to improve Marketo skills. 

In addition, attendees can attend what Marketo calls University Day — where anyone is able to take a Marketo certification exam to become a certified Marketo expert. 

Oh and one more thing. This event has a big party. The Marketo Nation party is full of entertainment and dancing. 

One of the most popular conferences for those looking to improve their social media marketing efforts, Social Media Marketing World was built for marketing professionals looking to keep their social media marketing skills sharp. 

Why this event is amazing: Social Media Marketing World has devoted a “Networking Plaza” specifically for marketers looking to make connections of a lifetime. Most of the attendees work for or own companies with less than 100 employees. 

And Social Media Marketing world is hosted in the beautiful city of San Diego to boot. What’s not to like about learning social media marketing in a gorgeous city? 

Don’t let the name fool you. Cult Gathering is one of the best conferences. 

What makes this event amazing: With past speakers such as the legendary Tony Hawk and some of the first employees of Airbnb, Cult Gathering truly over delivers in bringing some of the best in the world at business and marketing. Designed to provide a truly intimate conference experience, Cult Gathering is open to a select few attendees each year ensuring each attendee can make the most of the three days they are there.  

With a focus on iconic brands, Cult Gathering provides an inside look at how some of the largest companies in the world today are able to thrive in an always changing business landscape. 

Held in one of the most scenic parts of Alberta, Canada, there’s plenty of sights and things to do after the conference ends. If you’re looking for the perfect work hard play hard location, Cult Gathering delivers. 

A conference designed with Chief Marketing Officers in mind, CMO Summit is the conference to attend if you’re a CMO looking to improve a company’s marketing performance. 

Hosted and backed by the iconic Forbes brand, CMO summit goes beyond generic thought leadership lectures and provides attendees with hands-on lessons and workshops to help you become a better CMO. 

What makes this event amazing: What makes CMO Summit stand out is its focus on allowing CMOs from all around the world to connect and share ideas on how to improve the businesses they help run. An invitation-only experience, CMO Summit gathers some of the brightest minds in business today. 

Built for SEO experts, agencies, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs, MozCon delivers incredibly actionable marketing insights that attendees can apply right away. 

What makes this event amazing:MozCon is committed to diversity in both their guest speakers as well as the wide variety of workshops and content shared at the conference. Additionally, MozCon places a heavy emphasis on building a remarkable community that attendees from all over the world are happy to be a part of. 

For those looking for tactical strategies and insights to improve a business or their career, it doesn’t get much better than Traffic & Conversion Summit. 

Known for incredibly high-quality past speakers such as Richard Branson, Rachel Hollis, Sally Hogshead and Benton Crane, this conference offers a lineup of speakers who have had so much success.

What makes this event amazing:Traffic & Conversion Summit separates itself from other marketing conferences with a focus on actionable insights based on real data of what’s working in marketing today. Every session and suggested marketing strategy is backed by real world examples of how to improve your business and marketing efforts. 

Traffic & Conversion Summit is known to be one of the more motivational conferences to attend.

With past guests such as Michelle Obama, John Cena, and Shonda Rhimes, Inbound is the go-to conference for those looking to learn from some of the biggest entrepreneurs and celebrities in the world. 

Inbound provides hundreds of specifically tailored breakout sessions to attendees covering virtually all areas of marketing. Inbound is ideal for those looking to grow and scale a business.

What makes this event amazing: Attendees are not only guaranteed to come away with actionable insights but also the social events and end-of-conference parties are truly unforgettable. 

Having been held 13 years and counting, the MarketingProfs B2B Forum provides B2B marketers an intimate conference experience where attendees can learn and share the secrets to B2B success. 

Why this event is amazing: MarketingProfs B2B Forum offers the perfect balance between speaking sessions and actionable strategies to apply to B2B efforts. It doesn’t hurt that the conference will be held in the wonderful Gaylord National Resort just outside of Washington D.C. this year. 

This event is great for hotel marketers looking to become inbound organizations but just aren’t sure where to start. 

Why this event is amazing: The event focuses on a very specific part of marketing: inbound. The entire conference is fully immersive and attendees can see every single speaker – they don’t have to pick and choose. For marketers looking to level up their inbound marketing skills, there aren’t many conferences that offer as much value as Impact Live. 

13. Pubcon

Pubcon covers everything from team building to the latest digital marketing strategies that can be applied to a business right away. Having had executives from Google and Bing speak in the past, it’s virtually guaranteed attendees will learn how to become a better marketer and improve their operating efficiency. 

Why this event is amazing: Experts offer reviews of SEO campaigns, PPC tactics, content marketing, social media, team building, email marketing, and more. All campaigns are submitted by audience members. It’s a huge hit. 

For anyone looking to start or improve

their podcast, Podcast Movement is without question the place to be. 

Why this event is amazing: It’s very focused on one thing: podcasts. With thousands of aspiring and professional podcasters attending each year, attendees can learn the latest podcast strategies to improve downloads, land sponsorships, and produce a high-quality show a community loves. 

Podcasters can even interviews guests and record for their show while at this event. 

Whether you’re a solo digital marketer or leading your agency search team, keeping up-to-date with the latest of search is essential. State of Search packs some of the most successful search marketers in the world for a can’t-miss conference hosted in beautiful Dallas, Texas. 

Why this event is amazing: State of Search separates itself from other marketing conferences with its reputation for providing actionable content that is based on results and not just theory. 

The Growth Marketing Conference aims to remove all the guesswork of growing your business in a sustainable and efficient way. With industry leading guests specializing in growth, social, and SEO, you’ll walk away from the event with a notebook (or two) full of ideas to apply in your own growth efforts. 

Why this event is amazing: This two day event in San Francisco covers everything from customer acquisition to B2B and Enterprise growth and is well known for its incredible comprehensive and in depth sessions, workshops, and tutorials that are beneficial for marketers.

Forbes says this is the “best marketing technology conference on the planet.” Web Summit is the one event many entrepreneurs choose not to miss every year. Jam packed with value, the speakers and the workshops explore every facet of tech and marketing. One of the more diverse conferences in both content and slated speakers, Web Summit offers an inside look at the world of tech and marketing today. 

Why this event is amazing: One reason Web Summit is so popular is that it’s frequently attended by some of the most prominent tech journalists in the world. So it’s the perfect place to showcase a brand and make connections that will help grow and scale a business. 

Here’s how to make your own event marketing memorable.

  • Make the event easily accessible: If it’s a big event, it should be hosted in a large or mid-size city where everyone can easily access it from anywhere in the world. Make the city part of your event to increase attendance

  • Provide educational experiences: People want to learn. To make your event really stand out, be sure to provide as many educational experiences as possible — and focus on making sure attendees leave with tools they can use to do their jobs better, starting the next day. 

  • Look for ways to make your event unique: Take advantage of event planning trends. Some events have a huge, entertaining parties. Others focus on their unique community of attendees. And other events bring in celebrities to speak. But you don’t need celebrities or entertainment to make an event a hit. You can make your event stand out in your own unique way, by making it easy to connect with other attendees through coffee networking hours, ice-breaker games, and more.

  • Incorporate the right tools to help plan: You can’t do this all on your own. Incorporate the right tools to help you plan the event, including an event planning tool and program.

Want to learn even more about creating the best event marketing? Set your event up for success by creating the best event planning timeline.

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