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3 Helpful Methods to Recharge Your Working Week of Marketing

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Sundays are meant to be a day of relaxation before the start of a new week at work, but how many of you spend them worrying about the week ahead? Perhaps you are already stressing yourself out about a big new marketing project that is starting? Or you are wondering how you are going to fit a large workload into your coming schedule?

Well, there is little we can do to stop thinking about work, but there are steps we can take to minimize those thoughts, improve our mood, boost our energy, and improve our focus. If we can get ourselves into the right mindset, we can think and work in a positive manner and reduce stress.

1. Find a Morning Routine That Works for You

If you have a good morning routine that you can control, it gets you into focus and allows you to think clearly about the day ahead. If we can achieve this, our ‘Monday Marketing Blues’ and our ‘Sunday Scaries’ will slowly reduce. Your morning routine should lead to both a positive mindset and a positive day.

Our quick tips:

Drink two glasses of water as soon as you wake - This re-hydrates your body.

Do something that allows you to calm your mind and body - Perhaps some meditation, jogging, or light reading.

Step into the sunshine - Spending a little morning time in the fresh air and sun helps to wake your body and mind.

Drink some coffee - A coffee in the morning is great for waking people up and improving their focus. The key is to not rely on many cups throughout the day.

2. Work on Creating Happy Relationships

Did you know that the relationships we keep have a major effect on our performance in our day jobs? When we can maintain happy relationships with friends, family, and colleagues, we suffer less stress and anxiety. It is nice to know that we have people in our corner when things go wrong. Check out how keeps an upbeat tone for its entire website for an example.

Maintain your relationships by regularly keeping in touch with parents and friends. Put the extra work in with your partner to ensure that your home life is not going to negatively affect your work life.

Also, do the same with people you work with. Of course, you cannot always find common ground with some people, but always look for ways to minimize how these relationships affect your life.

3. Eliminate Activities That Take Up Too Much Time

Most of you would agree that we could get a lot more done if we had more free time. However, did you know that we spend half of our time doing activities that take away time that could be better spent elsewhere?

Commuting is one email and meetings are two more. For the first, perhaps we could reduce our commuting times? Perhaps live nearer to our work? Use a different transport method to get there? Work remotely from home?

As for emails and meetings, this is not something that is as easy to change. This would have to come through the management and structure of how your company works. Perhaps drop some hints or bring up your concerns in the next meeting? Encourage them to see that productivity leads to better results.


Following the three steps above will have a positive effect on your working week. This should hopefully lead to more relaxed Sundays where you are not thinking too much about what is coming up in your next working week. For some, it may feel impossible to totally eliminate those concerns on the weekend, but we can guarantee that it will greatly reduce them.

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