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3 Ways to Use Images to Bring Attention to Your Brand

The phrase that a picture can speak a thousand words is one that we all know well. Marketers love to use and if you think about it, it is true. Think about when you see the McDonalds logo, how many thoughts does it trigger, then think about Apple, Nike, Lamborghini, and so on.

Most of these logos trigger positive thoughts but for others, these logos trigger negative emotions – maybe McDonald's because it is fast food and seen as unhealthy or Apple because of the outrageous prices and non-generic accessories that put out of reach for those that do not have the luxury of buying a designer product – see what we did there? Associated Apple with despise while also associating it with ‘designer labels’.

Now, these are just logos so you can only imagine what other more detailed images can do for your brand in terms of marketing and brand building.

Now the picture you should already building is that tour image strategy will help your company, product, or service build its band rep and ultimately help to form its brand image. This means just slapping up any old logo and images on your website, paid display ad campaigns and social media without much thought to it is not exactly going to bring you to the forefront of the industry your firm is representing itself in.

That said, if your company offers service excellence, then it may already be gaining a rep just through hard work and dedication. However, imagine if your company is popular within your industry and it is there without a decent marketing strategy in place – then imagine how much more business can come in with a decent marketing campaign in place.

Now any good marketing campaign relies on a flurry of images, and we are going to cover 3 image types that are important for your brand.

Your Company Logo

Make sure your logo is smartly designed and also add a tag line where you can. Today logo design is big business and therefore you should easily be able to find someone to butter up your current logo or create a new logo from scratch.

Sometimes changing your logo brings more attention to your firm. Some studies even show that your customers may overlook your logo until you change it which sparks a memorable moment in their mind that unwittingly forces to remember something, they never considered taking notice of in the past.

For example, is a gadgets company. Their logo is their brand name using funky fonts and speed waves to denote the fast-moving IT and technology industry. It may be a simple idea, but it is effective and that pretty much sums up how logos should be – simple but effective.


One of the best ways to get people to absorb information at a glance is infographics. If you have tried to send newsletters, writing long blogs, and bullet pointing services on your social media, then you are already halfway there to creating infographics.

All you need now is a decent designer to create infographics. You will also need a good copywriting expert with attention to detail to take the main selling points from sales pages, the company about us pages, and anywhere else you can take text and create an infographic.

The great thing about infographics is the amount of information they can fit into a combination of words and images. For example, small step-by-step diagrams can show how easy it is for someone to make an order from your firm, that is free, there is a money-back guarantee, and delivery only takes one day.

Photos That Represent People and Place

Any photos of your employees, team members, management team, and even your office or work environment will speak a thousand words to those that see them. The brand reputation your business is trying to build should influence the strategy you use when posting photos.

For example, a corporate law firm will need to show clear and tidy offices, clean-cut lawyers that are smartly dressed in expensive suits. These firms are there to attract the business of blue-chip firms and fortune 500 companies.

On the other hand, if you are a hip and cool marketing company looking to project a trendy and creative environment, you will want lots of Apple Macs in the pictures, whiteboards with diagrams in the background, and a team that is always smiling and happy to show togetherness.

Now if you do not spread these positive brand-building photos or be selective about the ones you let employees post, then some customers might get the wrong idea. For instance, it doesn’t look good when pictures or videos of employees falling over the place after an alcohol session even though it may be meaningless or innocent drunken fun – these pics are for your private internal circulation not for public display.

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