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4 Business Departments You Should Consider Automating

The technological advancements that have been made over the last two decades are incredible. The number of jobs that have been referred to robots is crazy. Jobs such as bank tellers, housekeepers, and stockroom workers have partially been replaced by robots. If you are a business owner, then you may want to resort to robots filling certain roles in your business because the labor that is offered by robots could be cheaper. Here are four departments that you should consider automating as a business owner.

Human Resources

The human resources department of a typical business oversees the "employee life cycle". This means that this department oversees the recruiting, hiring, training, and firing of employees. They are also in charge of administering employee benefits, which means that they oversee health insurance, retirement accounts, vacations, paid time off, and parental leave.

It may not be feasible to automate every function of a human resources department, but there are plenty of functions that can be automated to save time. Things such as training employees and the administration of benefits can take up a lot of time. These things could be handled by human resources software to save your firm plenty of time and money.

Some of the popular software used for human resources automation are Paycor, BambooHR, and WorkLLama.


The payroll department oversees delivering payroll checks, maintaining compliance with tax laws, recording paperwork for new hires, and editing existing employee files. The payroll department also deals with calculating overtime and holiday pay.

An important step in growing your business can be automating this department. This is because as you hire more employees, this department is getting more and more work on their plate. While they do not intend to mess anything up, human error does exist. By automating these responsibilities, you can save time and ensure accuracy.

Also, if you are in the business of loan management, then you may want to take a look at software to manage the various loans. There are certain software solutions that make it easier to grow your client base, process loans easier, and scales your business. They can even provide you with software that provides your business with short-term lending solutions.


The marketing department oversees creating images, ideas, and messages that portray the goals and values of your company's brand. They also must make sure that what they produce portrays the images, ideas, and messages, in a consistent manner.

This department will not be fully automated, but you can utilize software to make the responsibilities of your employees much easier. Your employees will still have to come up with creative ways to portray the company's ideals, but with the help of software, they will be able to schedule posts for optimal timing. Also, the software will help you gauge the amount of engagement your posts have.


Operations is not necessarily a department, but it is a broad range of functions that can be automated. Some of the functions that are included in operations are warehouse duties, employee scheduling, and call centers. These responsibilities can be very tedious, and call centers specifically would save your sales reps time and allow them to make more sales-related calls. The warehouse functions such as stocking shelves, packing, and shipping could help lessen the number of employees that you have to manage. It will also help you avoid errors, which will help your company receive better ratings from customers.

The automation of these functions could lead to your business being more efficient and saving money. Some of the popular operations software are CallTools and When I Work.


As a business owner, you will need to analyze whether the benefits outweigh the costs of automation. Things such as production and cost should be the main drivers in the decision. You cannot go wrong with keeping your employees because you know they can get the job done. However, if you are looking for an added boost to your business, then you may want to look at automation.

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