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4 Smart Ways to Boost Conversions by Personalizing Your Website

Nowadays, the key to business success depends on customer experience and most of that experience happens on your website, of course. Your website is where consumers come to get informed, browse products and eventually, make a purchase, which makes your website your main point of sale.

However, encouraging website visitors to stay and browse until they're ready to convert is an entirely different story. If you're unable to provide an exceptional and seamless browsing experience, your visitors will simply bounce off and most of them will never come back.

That's why it's of vital importance to be able to meet consumer expectations. This is where personalization comes into play. Every consumer prefers to be served as an individual.

If you make the entire experience about them, it becomes more difficult to resist the urge to stay and explore further. Personalization is, therefore, the key factor in providing consumers and web visitors with what they want. With that in mind, here are a few ways to boost conversions by personalizing your website.

Understand your customers well

Before you get to personalize your website, you must first make an effort to understand your customers well. That means truly understanding their preferences, needs, demands, and expectations. Otherwise, your personalization attempts may not be perceived as well as you'd hoped.

That said, allocate both time and resources to conducting some extensive market research. This will provide you with a lot of insights about your target audience. Moreover, don't hesitate to ask customers for feedback.

If there's one thing consumers prefer, it's that companies show interest in serving them in the best way possible. What's more, if you personalize your website based on customer feedback, they'll appreciate you even more for creating a unique experience that they'll enjoy. Not to mention that they'll be more willing to convert as well.

On a side note, a bit of research into your competition won't hurt either. A competitive analysis can show you how your competitors serve customers. This will help you find a way to do something better and gain a competitive advantage in the process.

Make your website appealing

Personalization can make a website stand out in the eyes of the consumers. The sooner consumers experience personalization, the better. Consider it a way to encourage visitors to explore further like you'd nurture leads down your sales funnel.

Therefore, you can start by considering how to personalize your service efficiently. You can opt for a catchy domain name for your website with a .me extension, for instance. This will be appealing to consumers because they get hints about personalization from the start.

If you've done your research beforehand, you'll be able to design your website accordingly. Think of it this way; try to look at your website from a consumer point of view. In that case, what would you like to see when you visit your website? Here are a few ideas to consider.

  • Website design and color scheme – Did you know that it only takes consumers around 50 milliseconds to make a first impression of your website based on the design alone? Therefore, a stunning design with the right color scheme that's appealing to consumers is a must. Just like when matching your brand with your website design, a consumer-first approach.

  • Consider a welcoming pop-up – Yes, everyone simply hates pop-ups but it doesn't have to be that way. A personalized welcome pop-up that will greet new visitors can be beneficial. You can also include a discount or a coupon in the pop-up to encourage visitors to stay. A small incentive to ensure conversion.

  • Clear navigation and product organization – One thing that makes any website appealing is user-friendliness. Combine that with personalization and you have a winning combination. For example, if you've collected data about consumers, you can recommend products and make navigation seamless by categorizing products based on personal preferences and relevance.

Leverage retargeting

You're undoubtedly familiar with the concept of retargeting. This approach can be used and adapted on your site to provide personalization and to boost conversions.

So, if a consumer spends some time browsing a certain category of products or if you notice that they're interested in a particular product, you can encourage them to place the product in the shopping cart and proceed to the checkout process.

The way you can do this is by creating a CTA (Call To Action) with a unique offer or a discount that a consumer will stumble upon while navigating your website further, i.e. if they circle back to the home page or product page.

These kinds of personalized promotions are known to help increase sales and boost conversion. Furthermore, you can combine the offers with cross-selling and up-sell strategies to encourage consumers to shop more.

One of the main components of personalization on your website is making your consumers feel special. In other words, you might consider rewarding special customers for their loyalty. This includes discounts and other incentives, such as free shipping or memberships in your loyalty program.

However, to boost conversion effectively with rewards, you can't treat every customer the same way. It sounds counterproductive but it actually works. For example, reward your most loyal customer or the ones who spend the most money.

This will encourage other customers to do the same, as they'll be able to get the rewards if they do so. But what does that mean really? Simply put, you encourage customers to spend more per transaction while ensuring their satisfaction with rewards at the same time.

It's a winning combination if you play it right. This form of personalization rewards customers for making purchases. It's beneficial for your sales and customers to get the right amount of personalization they need. Just make sure you analyze customer behavior on your website the right way so that you can target them with the right messages and unique offers.

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