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4 Tips to Follow the Example of iGaming Customer Service Expertise

Honestly when you read this article, you might end up kicking yourself for not already thinking about the tip we are about to give you! Have you ever noticed how good iGaming sites are at advertising, support, and looking after their VIP customers? How they continuously offer weekly, monthly, and special promotional deals, and always stay in contact by refreshing the brand name in their member’s minds.

The red-carpet experience began in Las Vegas and now extends to those that participate in iGaming and sports betting activities online. So, what is stopping you from modelling your business on the same principles?

And think about this another way – how many of your competitors are doing it? This is the idea opportunity to differentiate your business from your competitors. You can offer high end support services in real time, excellent self-help support areas, links to more information, bonus/promo offers as well as affiliate marketing, plus VIP customer programmes for those loyal customers that spend regularly!

Here are some tips to follow from iGaming sites:

Customer Services

The customer service care on iGaming sites is some of the best you will experience online. Attentive support agents that know everything about the site and what is being offered help members in every way they can.

And if you bear in mind the fact that some of these people may not be happy about losing, the casinos have a much harder time of it compared to sports books where the bet is clearly lost because of the result of a sports event. You can all check out this article for more customer service tips.

Here are some ideas you can use from the iGaming industry:

· Live chat real time customer support services

· Support agents understand the product/service

· Agents are experts at dealing with awkward customers

· Offer fast email response via email address or contact form

· If you can afford it, also offer ‘call back’ telephone support

FAQs, T&Cs, and Information Pages

A decent iGaming website will have a wealth of information telling members exactly how the site works. FAQs include financial information, how the site is governed by law i.e., if the business is in the UK, then customers should be aware they are protected by UK business, consumer, and privacy laws.

Other information such as the registered company name and address should be provided. Speaking of which, it is amazing to see how many eComm sites hide behind the wall of the internet using WhoIs privacy on their domain and not giving out their company address – you may as well be saying – don’t trust my business!

Therefore, give links to the government website that shows you are running a legitimate business under the business laws of the country your website operates.

· FAQs that explain every area of your business

· Give information on which payment methods you accept

· Make delivery procedures, T&Cs clear and obvious

· Freely allow people to find your registered business address

· Let people know online sites where they can complain if they want to

Get Your Name Out There Via Affiliation and Affiliates

In the iGaming industry to get customers to their website, many of the websites use affiliates. These people go out there, review the casino or sports book, and people then read the reviews and sign up via the review website’s recommendations. There are plenty of review sites that have built a sturdy reputation doing this and the casinos and betting sites reward the website owners well.

Affiliates for casino will review a xo slot for example and say how great the game is. They will then say, hey look you can play this video slot at ‘’ and give people other reasons why the site is great. This is exactly what these affiliates will do for your website!

These affiliates can be approached, and you can strike up a profit deal with them for the lifetime of any new customer’s account. If it gets you business more sales, why not share a cut of the profits with the people getting you that business?

You could do something similar with your business. You could offer coupons with 2D codes, promotional links, and so on to certain promotional websites. So anyone such as an influencer can use your promo code on their website or social media. If anyone uses that code, then that person either gets credit with your shop, affiliate commissions, free items, or a double discount at your shop.

Also include social media such as Facebook and other places where people can see your company being rated. If you company sells a tangible product, then get on eBay, Amazon, and other such sites. Not only will you make more sales and expand your market reach online, but you are also give people visiting your eComm site a place for potential customers to find out what other people think about your product and services.

· Use affiliates to help make sales for your website

· Arrange a profit agreement with affiliates

· Use special promo codes for people to circulate

· Get your site on Social media and review sites

· Start selling on Amazon and/or eBay

VIP Customer Care

Finally, iGaming sites are experts at looking after their regular customer and big spenders. Showing a customer that you really care is vitally important these days. And the way you do that is by rewarding their continued loyalty. There are many way you can do this too.

Loyalty point is something we all know about from shopping at supermarkets and big chain outlets, even Starbucks. So already this point needs little explanation. By all means offer loyalty points in exchange for items, discounts, or cash. But make it really easy for your customer to spend them. Do not overcomplicate it. For example, every $10 you spend, you get 1 point. When you reach 100 points, you get $20 free to spend.

Also, if you earn 100 points you reach VIP level 2. Every $10 you spend; you get 1.5 points at this level. And just keep on going to level 6. Give each level branded name too to make it sound special and industry related.

Send emails to beckon people on saying they are almost up to the next level and keep thanking them for being part of the VIP club! Layout each level and the benefits. For instance, a personal account manager, free next delivery on all orders, and first in line offers for new items in stock before they come into stock.

Ways you can make the VIP club even more exclusive is by offering account opening anniversary discounts and birthday discounts giving them a personalised experience.

· Make loyalty points programs easy to understand

· Offer simple ways to track and spend loyalty points

· Create a VIP loyalty club with special benefits

· Add levels to your VIP program for members to climb

· Offer birthday and account opening offers

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