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5 Apps for Business Professionals

The corporate environment has its unique way of keeping you at wits’ end. Some days you are everyone’s favorite, and on others, you are grasping at straws to retain your job.

With competition in the workplaces increasing exponentially, people must find some tools to keep stress at bay. According to the AIS Workplace Stress Survey, 40% of workers found their jobs to be very or extremely stressful. And 75% of employees believe that workers have higher on-the-job stress today than a generation ago.

Fortunately, technology comes as a knight in shining armor amid the corporate chaos. If you are burned out, stressed, and ready to give up – don’t fret just yet!

Here are five business apps you must install to manage your daily affairs and dodge the dangerous bullets.

1. Evernote

Evernote is a great note-taking application helping busy professionals since 2004. You can organize your files and take clippings or snippets from virtually anywhere on the web.

For some workers, sorting out daily tasks may be hectic. Scribbling your to-do list in Evernote at the beginning of each day may be a good idea. Its default schema relies on the age-old convention of notes and notebooks. The files are stored as notes, which can later combine to form Thematic Notebooks. Multiple notebooks can be combined to create Notebook Stacks.

Although there are plenty of other note-taking apps available in the digital marketplace, Evernote takes the cake in functionality. You can capture your thoughts, tag them, arrange them into context with notebooks, and change these into post-it notes for quick actions.

2. Square Register

Launched in 2010 by Jack Dorsey and James McKelvey, Square Register is one of the famous apps used by business professionals. The team knows how today’s busy professionals need an instant and convenient way to manage their payments.

It allows users to manage their business from anywhere by accepting credit cards. It brings them a free card reader and a free point of a sales tool. It takes a 2.75% cut from the major credit cards without any hidden charges or merchant accounts.

The consumers can dab, swipe, or tap cards and phones to their heart's content. The processing of credit cards is excellent, with options to suit everyone. You can easily manage payments with your iPad, whether you work at a café, a pop-up store, or any other retail business.

Use Square Register in collaboration with your business mobile app to work out an easy system for all the users.

3. Cisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco WebEx provides corporate professionals with an easy-to-use video conferencing platform enriched with features. You can join any video conference using a camera switcher and a 2-way video camera through the app.

Capterra reports that each month 113 million professionals rely on WebEx to collaborate and catalyze their projects. It offers integrated audio, video, and content sharing option. This means you can pitch a presentation or discuss figures from an Excel spreadsheet in real-time while conversing with your colleagues.

Cisco offers four-tiered packages for its video-conferencing software. If you are a small-scale business, then its basic package is the best choice. It is free and includes unlimited meetings for about 100 participants. There is end-to-end encryption for calls and a full-suite of in-call features.

Apart from this, there is a Starter Package, Plus Package, and a Business Package. What makes it stand out from other video-conferencing tools is its advanced security setup. Much like the airG scam-free apps, administrators have a high-level control over users’ security. They can activate features such as multi-factor authentication when the need be.

4. Pocket

When every moment in your day is brimming with tasks to take care of, storing valuable information is prudent. Pocket is an app that gives you a place to save videos and articles for later. You can send articles to Pocket by clicking the buttons and read them later when you have time.

According to its official website, Pocket has 10 million registered users. Its offline use is another feature that compels a massive user base. According to a recent video by Pocket CEO Nate Weiner, people prefer to save an article in the Pocket instead of reading it right away, which of course, makes sense.

To use Pocket as a convenient bookmarking system, organize and tag items to keep your list tidy. You can archive or delete the articles after you have read them. The Bookmarks are a permanent fixture in your browser. This means you can read them even if they get deleted from the web.

It helps you stay productive and enables you to keep the best of the web in your pocket!

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is a reliable and simple file-syncing service with enhanced collaborative features. It offers2GB storage for free, and you can earn up to 3GB additional free space by automatically syncing videos and photos with Dropbox.

Ever since Dropbox made its first entry into the virtual landscape, it has evolved a lot. It offers an elegant and clean interface for managing all your files. Whether you are willing to share a photo folder or keep files from digital death, Dropbox makes the process straightforward on all devices.

It applies 256-bit AES encryption to your data, but the files are not fully encrypted. This means that the Dropbox staff can get to your files in case of an emergency. However, not having a fully encrypted security system allows Dropbox to offer a sophisticated, feature-rich web application.

As a bonus, you can also scan the documents and photos using the mobile app. The aesthetics of this app, coupled with striking features, make it a must-have for every business professional out there.

Parting Thoughts

Living in a digitally smart world has its own perks. Even though the business environment is more physically and emotionally taxing than ever, tech tools are here to save us.

Besides the listed apps, you will find hundreds of others to aid you in professional miseries. We hope our blog helped you gain insight into the variety of apps available out there.

Author Bio

Audrey Throne has an ongoing affair with the words that capture readers’ attention. Her passion for writing dates back to her pre-blogging days. She loves to share her thoughts related to business, technology, health and fashion.

Find her on Twitter: @audrey_throne


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