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5 Places Your Business Can Turn To For Innovative Solutions

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

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Many employers are struggling to increase their ranks with skilled, productive people. If your

business has lost good people in the return to work, you may be reconsidering your policies.

Increasing flexibility and intellectual safety can bring out the best in your current employees.

Increase Flexibility in Leadership

It's been a nervous few years; many citizens are asking some tough questions about their future

plans and may be looking for more flexible employment. Rigid employers will lose people.

Send your leadership team members to staffing conferences that can provide your business

with options for bringing on the best talent. Do whatever it takes to open up the minds of your

leadership team with regard to

● work location

● required hours

● technical tools

Perhaps you need new software tools. Maybe you need a stronger security practice. There's

nothing wrong with finding a lack and updating it to make your client data safer. Limiting

employee access as a security choice is not effective.

Make Room For Mistakes

Within your office, create brain splash areas. Instead of having a leader put a big problem on a

whiteboard and asking people to brainstorm, put small tasks that should be simpler (but for

some reason aren't) on the board and encourage folks to toss ideas at the issue. Storms build

up and unleash. A splash of ideas is a much gentler idea.

Encouraging folks to splash ideas at a smaller issue also leaves room for ideas that won't work

in this instance. Innovation means trying new things, and not all new things succeed. Standing

by a lake and tossing your line into the water doesn't always mean you're going to catch a fish,

but it doesn't mean that the action was a mistake.

Loop In All Employees

You have employees with full lives outside the workplace and skills they've built that are not

related to their degree or certification. You may have an employee who has many grandchildren

and manages chaos well. If your artistic department produces great results but their workspace

is a disaster, ask someone with strong chaos skills to help address the issue. They may

recommend you put up movable screens so the art department can shield their space from view

and keep producing great work.

Do carefully screen all the opinions you receive for the ones that you should act on. In the

example above, someone from outside may have a problem with a messy artistic department.

Your best bet may be to encourage the unhappy person to focus on results and understand that

mess sometimes comes with creativity.

Create Safe Intellectual Spaces

When you're looking for innovative ideas, be ready to take them on paper, in person, or digitally.

Not everyone with a great idea is interested in speaking up, especially if they're a bit lower on

the hierarchical totem pole.

Carefully watch what happens in idea meetings or brain splashes. If you see anyone from the

upper ranks interrupting folks, whispering to a neighbor, or being in any other way disrespectful,

ask them to change their behavior and if they don't, don't invite them.

Study Global Trends

We live in a work-from-anywhere, sell-to-everybody world. If your business does not have the

option for remote work for digitally talented employees, you are going to lose access to some

very creative and innovative people. Starting with small work parcels can be a good start.

If you have a new product or service that needs a banner and web page intro, farm the work out

on UpWork or Fiverr. You may get several previews that don't work, but if you can find one or two results that actually work with your style and webpage, you can build a connection with a

freelancer. Unlike hourly or salaried employees, freelancers work in short bursts of creativity

because their time is not spoken for. Go back to them with the next project and grow the

relationship. If your business is located in the United States and your freelancer is in India, you

may gain information on the latest and greatest trends, which will increase your marketability.

Creative ideas may abound from within your ranks. Training to generate innovation can be

extremely helpful. Freelancers can bring in a fresh perspective. Allow for mistakes and create safe, creative spaces.

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