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5 Tips on How to Save More Money Every Month

Money is something that everyone wishes they had more of. Money can help solve a lot of problems, and it is nice to have some money built up in your savings account for emergencies.

However, most people are not able to properly keep track of their finances, which leads to money shortages. These five tips will help you discover ways to keep better track of your money, which will help you save more each month.

1. Record Your Expenses

Recording your expenses has to be the first step in saving more money each month. To save more money you must know how much you are spending each month. Learning what your expenses are will allow you to then learn how much money you are currently saving each month.

You can record your expenses by looking at your bank statements, or you can record them in a spreadsheet after each purchase. Then once you record them, you should break them up into spending categories. These categories will tell you how much you are spending on bills, gas, food, and many other things.

Realizing your total expenses will allow you to eliminate any unnecessary spending. Also, once you realize how much you are saving currently, you will then be able to set a realistic goal for increasing your savings.

2. Prioritize Your Spending

Prioritizing your spending is crucial to making sure that you are not overspending. You are going to have your monthly expenses such as gas, food, and bills. Those expenses are unavoidable. However, there are monthly bills such as subscription fees that you can cut from your life.

You will also have other recreational expenses. These recreational expenses include going to the movies, going to the bar, and many other things. It is not practical to eliminate these things, but you can set a budget for your spending on these activities.

Once you realize which expenses are necessary and which ones you can cut from your life, you will be able to cut your total expenses. Cutting your total expenses will allow you to save more money each month.

3. Utilize Discounts/Coupons

Discounts and coupons are something that can help cut costs that you incur each month. You should look to use discounts and coupons on expenses such as groceries. This will decrease your overall expenses, which will allow you to increase your savings.

If you are an avid Amazon user, then you should also look into Amazon cashback. Amazon will provide you with discounts on certain items, which will help you cut your overall expenses.

Cashback is a program that many companies offer, so you should seek any cash-back opportunities that may be a part of your normal monthly spending.

4. Create A Savings Account

Creating a savings account will help enable you to save more each month. A savings account will give you a place where you can put your money to keep it safe. It will also keep you from spending it.

Keeping your money in a place that is easily accessible will make it much easier to spend. Also, a savings account will increase your savings due to the interest that you will accrue from keeping money in the account.

5. Set A Saving Goal

Setting a saving goal will give you something to work towards. If you set a realistic goal, then you will be much more conscious of your spending. Naturally, if you are working to achieve something you will be more likely to work harder to achieve it.

You can decide to set a monthly goal, or you can set smaller weekly goals. If you decide to set weekly goals, then those smaller goals should still enable you to reach the larger monthly goal. It will also help you keep track of your progress. If you can meet your weekly goals then it will build your confidence for meeting your monthly goal.


Not all of these tips are necessary for saving some extra money each month. If you want to implement each of these tips into your life, then you may find that you are saving a lot more money. Regardless of if you implement one or all of these tips, you will save more money each month.

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