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5 Writing Tips to Promote Your eCommerce Store on Instagram

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The extent of possibilities that Instagram offers as a marketing tool is simply amazing. Brands and businesses have the opportunity to reach their exact target audience and send messages that are aimed to help them reach their goals, whatever they are. The same goes for e-commerce stores that can significantly boost their brand awareness, sales, and overall success using Instagram marketing. To make sure you're nailing your e-commerce store promotion on Instagram, you need to learn how to write for this platform.

Writing content for your eCommerce store's Instagram account is a challenge, especially if you don't have a set of rules that you follow. To help you out, we've created a list of 5 ultimate writing tips you should be applying to your e-commerce Instagram account.

Let’s take a closer look at how to write better to promote your eCommerce store on Instagram.

1. Nail Your Profile Bio

When you're writing for Instagram, you need to make sure everyone who stumbles upon your profile instantly understands who you are and what you do. If your profile bio isn't fully optimized and written wisely, you'll risk losing potential customers.

So, what should you include in your bio to make your profile more appealing and interesting? The answer is simple- write your brand story using all the most important information a potential customer would want to know:

- what you do/sell/offer

- link to your website

- your value proposition

- link to a currently active promotion or special offer

For instance, if you were swimwear e-commerce, your bio could say:

- Love your body, love your swimsuits.

- Your #1 swimwear brand.

- Made in Italy, sold worldwide.

- New collection is available on the link below!

You can even add a brand hashtag to make it even more recognizable and professional. With an optimized bio, a potential shopper with any level of familiarity with your brand will consider you more professional and worthy of their time.

2. Highlight Captions for Storytelling

Storytelling and Instagram go hand in hand. And, if your e-commerce isn’t telling an interesting enough story, your engagement rate will drop significantly.

A great way to tell an instant story is by writing superb captions for your highlight stories. You can get super creative and write stories about your brand, offer, products, team, or anything else you'd like.

For instance, swimwear e-commerce could write captions such as:

- Summer Floral

- One-Piece

- Beach Accessories

- On Sale

- Our Designers

- Our Girls

By writing these short but clear captions, you're helping potential customers learn more about the aspect of your e-commerce they're interested in. Incorporate product tags and swipe-up options that lead to your e-commerce website to maximize the effect of your efforts.

3. Ask Questions

If you want to have an engaged audience, you need to be writing in an engaging manner and let them know you care about their opinion. Asking questions in your posts and stories is a great way to have them actively involved in conversations with your brand.

You can turn questions into post imagery or simply use them in captions. Whatever you choose, make sure the questions are:

- relevant to your audiences’ interests, pain points, and struggles e.g. Have you found your perfect bikini for the summer yet?

- easy to answer e.g. Which one would you choose- one-piece or the bikini?

- fun or humorous e.g. You can never have enough swimsuits, right?

These posts are brilliant for promoted ads and will help you grow your account. Questions are great for connecting with the audience, raising their interest, and promoting specific products.

4. Show Brand Consistency

Your Instagram followers need to get to know you and start feeling attached to you. Building this kind of trust and virtual friendship with potential customers is only possible if you maintain brand consistency through everything you write.

That means that you need to:

- choose a writing style

- make sure it reflects your brand personality

- use it consistently in all your posts, comments, DMs, and stories

Depending on your brand, you’ll make a decision such as whether to:

- use emoji

- use slang vocabulary

- write formally and professionally

- write humorously and be laid-back

Connecting with your target audience means speaking their language and showing them you’re true to who you are, no matter the situation.

5. Use Your Blog Posts

Instagram is primarily used for creating new, original content, but you shouldn’t forget about promoting your other content. If your e-commerce has an up and running blog that your Instagram followers might like, promote it in your Instagram posts and stories.

Here’s what you can do:

- create a new Instagram post or story for each new post on your blog

- share the post headline

- digest the main idea behind it

- invite your followers to read the whole thing with a powerful CTA

Here's an example:

- Summer’s nearly here and you still haven’t picked your swimsuit? We’ve got you covered! The latest post on our blog “7 Steps to Choose the Swimsuit for Your Body Type” will guide you through this process and make sure you look amazing this summer. Head to the link in bio to read the whole thing!

If you’re struggling to write for your blog, you can order blogpost writing and still have an amazing blog.

Final Thoughts

Writing for your e-commerce on Instagram is extremely powerful and potentially beneficial for your business if you know how to handle it. You need to build trust and engagement, while seamlessly incorporating your products into your Instagram posts.

Hopefully, the 5 essential writing tips we've shared above will help you nail your Instagram writing strategy and boost your e-commerce even further!

Author’s bio. Jessica Fender is a copywriter and blogger with a background in marketing and sales. She enjoys sharing her experience with like-minded professionals who aim to provide customers with high-quality services.

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