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7 things to NEVER DO at your booth

Have you ever been an attendee walking through a trade show and see someone working at an exhibit you were going to walk up to, but...they're on their phone. Do you still approach them? Most people don't! That's just one of the things I see at EVERY SINGLE SHOW that is driving attendees away from booths! I go through 7 things in a quick 5 minutes which you should NEVER do at your booth. ALSO...I have a favor to ask (see #2 below) which takes just 5 minutes to watch this week's video on the new Trade Show University YouTube channel (where you can also SUBSCRIBE)! Thank you so so so much for your support! 1) This week - NEVER do These Things at Your Booth

In another 5-Minute PRO Tip, I share 7 things which are making attendees walk right past your booth, or driving them away once they get there. So never do these on the show floor! #1 is DON'T be on your phone during the show! It makes you look unapproachable and unprofessional. #2 is DON'T eat at your booth! Such a bad look, especially if you get something stuck in your teeth you don't know about...but everyone else is! Check out the episode for the other 5 things - and especially #7 which is possibly the worst time stealing offense! Listen now to #236 and SHARE IT!! Episode #236 - Don't Do These!

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2) Can I get 5 Minutes of your time??

Since I'm brand new at creating videos, I need all the feedback I can get - especially from my audience! Would you please take 5 minutes to watch this week's video (Never do these 7 Things at Your Booth!) and then reply to this email with your comments, criticisms and advice? I want to make the best content possible and need input to be able to do that! Thanks in advance!! CLICK HERE for the Video Have a question or challenge? Contact Me!

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