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7 Tips for Working on the Go

Traveling while you work can be both fun and enriching, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its obstacles. You might find that some days, you’re tempted to ignore your responsibilities and lounge around soaking up the sun or reading a romance novel in a big-city cafe. However, this won’t get you far in your professional career, so here are seven tips for striking a balance for working on the go.

1. Book Everything in Advance

As you will probably be aware, booking in advance is a much more efficient way to travel. You will save money, time, and you will find it easier to create a work schedule when you know exactly where you will be at what time.

Don’t forget to book the little things, too. If you’re traveling out of New York for a few days, for example, then remember to book your Newark airport parking.

2. Use Cafes

It can be disheartening to be in another country but feel as though you cannot experience it fully because of work. By working in the local cafes, you can get the best of both worlds!

Working from your hotel room might be necessary at times, but if you’ve just got some computer work to get done, then head down to a cozy café with free wi-fi and work while the bustle of the world passes you by.

3. Video Calls

If you work with a team in an office and worry about missing out on meetings and important updates, then make the most out of video calling. No matter where you are in the world, you can schedule online meetings – the only part you might struggle with is matching up time zones!

4. Create a Schedule

When working while traveling, a routine is your friend. Creating a schedule will help ensure the days don’t disappear to tourist attractions and window shopping. Remember to be strict with it but also allow yourself enough time to take in where you are.

5. Invest in Tech

If your only connection to the office is through your technology, then it’s a good idea to buy the best there is. It’ll help with video calling and managing your workload. If you can, it’s also wise to choose tech that is light and easily carriable, as you will need it wherever you go!

6. Make the Most Out of Travel Time

If you are traveling around often, you probably spend many hours on trains, buses, and airplanes. Instead of using this time to daydream or read a magazine, you could make the most out of this time by working during the journey. By doing this, you will have more time to relax once you reach your destination.

7. Prioritize Sleep

No matter how determined you are to fit in a full day of being a tourist and a full day of work, you simply can’t do it without compromising rest, and you mustn’t do that! Without sleep, you won’t function enough to get your work done, so make sure you get your full eight hours per night.

Working on the go is a dream for many, so make the most of it by staying organized, getting enough sleep, and creating enough time to enjoy the places you visit.

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