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9 Video Applications to Create Videos for Your Online Shop

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Online shop is one of the businesses that have received the most public attention in this decade. You see, it is very helpful for buyers who are too busy to have time to visit a physical store to buy an item. Besides, the online shop is also a source of income for some people.

The items sold in the shop are also varied. Starting from the affordable such as clothes, accessories, handicraft materials, shoes, until millions of items such as cell phones and cameras, all can be found in the online shop. Many people are interested in switching to an online shop because you don't need a lot of capital to sell online.

This is because an online shop does not need a physical store to display goods, but only needs social media applications such as Instagram and Facebook as "stores". In addition, there is also a system of resellers and pre-orders where online shop owners do not need to spend any money on the stock of goods.

One of the successes of online business is the attractive and captivating photo or video display of each product. Indeed making visual product content is not an easy matter.

With videos that are increasingly interesting, of course, it will make many people want to buy it. Because of the attractiveness of product feeds, online shop owners are required to have video maker applications to create content that attracts consumers to buy their products.

Are you interested in making an attractive presentation video for selling online? We will provide you with a list of the best, most updated video creators. We will also discuss the advantages of its features for you so that you can more easily determine which tools are more appropriate for your video needs.

Table of Contents

  1. FilmoraGo

  2. FlexClip

  3. Kizoa

  4. Magisto

  5. WeVideo

  6. ClipChamp

  7. Online Video Cutter

  8. Movie Maker Online

1. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is a video editing application that is very practical and easy to use. Downloaders of this application on the Play Store have reached 10 million people, with effects and transitions that are cool and dynamic, guaranteed to make your videos interesting. And there is a cool music option to back sound your video.

This application is available on Play Store and App Store, and you could say this application is user-friendly for beginners with the latest features.

In addition, you can also combine transition elements, filters, music, effects, to custom text. There are features available free for you to try. But if you want more features, you can buy it.

2. FlexClip

FlexClip is an easy online video editor that lets you add multiple videos and images at once. And you can insert text, cut clips, add some music, volume controls, color filters, and more.

Get started simply by selecting the file to be edited and then customize the video to your liking. The final video can be immediately saved by downloading or uploaded to the desired social media.

Not only files in the form of videos, but photo files can also be made into videos by combining various selected photos and then editing them. 

Please note that FlexClip is a type of online application so its users just need to have an Internet connection to be able to enjoy the features contained therein, without the need to download and install any additional programs.

3. Kizoa

With Kizoa, you can make exciting videos and slideshows ready to share on Twitter and Facebook.

This tool is designed to make video slideshows with a pleasant stylish look. You can use it to cut, paste multiple pieces of the video at once or add title text. Kizoa works best if you use it as a way to turn a series of photos into a more exciting video slideshow.

Finally, Kizoa allows you to save videos to your desktop, or maybe you want to share them directly via email and various social media. Kizoa also provides links that you can share.

You must register first to get a free account if you want to use Kizoa. It doesn't take long to do it, so you can try signing up. This account will still get 1GB of storage for the videos that you make. Only one drawback, a watermark from Kizoa will appear in your edited video later.

4. Magisto

Never edited a video at all? Don't be afraid because the Magisto video editor application is a solution for you to edit all video clips into a complete vlog like taken by a professional. This video editing application, famous for its simplicity and ease of use, is the right choice for new toppers who want to start a vlogging hobby.

5. WeVideo

WeVideo is a free online video editor with a similar look and function as Windows Movie Maker.

If you are used to using video editing software on the desktop, WeVideo will be easy for you to use. WeVideo can store your uploaded images on the top of the page. It's easy to use because there is a drag-and-drop feature.

You can also upload content and transfer it from your cloud storage. In addition, you can record video and audio directly from your webcam and microphone. Well, that's a feature that you won't find in other online video editors.

There are a variety of theme options available that make your videos appear more lively with interesting transitions and automatic effects. You can get 1GB of cloud storage as well.

WeVideo is arguably very powerful, easy to use, and produces interesting videos. Although the free version has some limitations regarding the functionality of the feature, still WeVideo is a good choice for creating and editing videos.

Each free account is limited to publishing five minutes of video duration per minute, at a maximum resolution of 480p. Your video will also be watermarked later.

6. ClipChamp

The free version of this one online video editor doesn't have some advanced features, but is easy to use and is a good choice for simple filmmaking tasks.

ClipChamp includes tools that have a good balance between UX and its usability in your video. You might realize that ClipChamp offers more options and types of settings than you might need. But this can actually be its advantages, not futility if you want to try exploring all of its features.

ClipChamp has premium tariff rates starting at $7 per month, but it's free account still provides you with many major editing features. You can make more than five videos a month, with a maximum resolution of 1080p, and videos may not exceed five minutes in duration.

That might sound very limiting, but if you only want to tweak one or two video files, of course, that's more than enough.

Once you upload content in ClipChamp, you can have access to several tools including trimming, cropping, flipping, rotating, and adjusting the brightness/contrast of the video.

The processing is quite fast, and you can share the results online or download videos for use in other projects. In essence, this one video creator is simple, but the results and process are good.

7. Online Video Cutter

If some of the tools above look a bit confusing, you can try this tool. Online Video Cutter is easy to use and is available as a handy Chrome extension. So, you don't bother anymore if you want to use it at any time, just click the extension on your browser.

Despite its name, this Online Video Cutter is actually more than just a video cutter. This website allows you to upload files up to 500MB in size. It can also work with clips stored on Google Drive or your other online service account.

If you are happy with the edits you made, you can choose from a variety of popular video formats available to export it.

There really isn't a lot of video editing features offered here, but this website is well laid out and all of its features can function smoothly.

8. Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online is an extraordinarily flexible online video editor, with royalty-free media (there will be no watermark).

However, the disadvantage is that Movie Maker Online is funded by advertisements. So you might feel annoyed, and you will be forced to disable any ad blocking plugins that you have installed in the browser before you can use them.

But still, Movie Maker Online is an excellent video creator tool. So it's fair if the developers get paid from ads posted on their websites. Movie Maker Online allows you to upload videos, images, and music, and combine them into a project with accessible drag-and-drop features. The layout of the page is a bit strange, so you have to put in a little effort to scroll down a bit to figure it out.

You can trim videos that have been uploaded, and there are many filters available to give your video a new look. Movie Maker Online provides audio and video fading options, as well as additional text, transitions, etc. There is even a choice of royalty-free images and music files that you can use to help complete your video project.

Maybe you need time to find various features around the menu function, and you can only download the project you made in MP4 format, but this is a drawback that can be overcome by converting your video results back through the online video format converter.

VEED is a simple online video editor platform for creating social media video content. Perfect for anyone looking for simple and fast video editing without the need to install or set up complex software and keep all your content, fonts, logos, and color palettes in one place so you are always on-brand.

VEED allows you to record, edit, and produce quality, professional videos to promote your brand or business, in a matter of minutes. You can record through your webcam & screen, edit your Zoom recordings, add soundwaves to your podcast videos, add company logos/watermarks, and - perhaps most importantly - add subtitles to any video instantly, without the need for manual annotation.

Above are the nine video applications that you can try easily. There is no need for complicated and expensive things to make a promotional video. You can also express videos with simplicity, but with brilliant ideas!

Author: Sophia

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