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A Short Guide On How To Plan A Corporate Event

Planning any kind of an event, especially a bigger one, can be pretty stressful, time-consuming, and financially draining. But, if done right, it can be very rewarding.

This is especially true when we talk about corporate events. It is beneficial in several ways, so every stress that comes along the way is only a necessary obstacle that is easy to jump over in order to do something good for your workers, partners, and clients.

Corporate event planning is one of the crucial moves for building the credibility of one’s company and business. It is a tool that immensely helps when marketing a message of your brand, both inside the company and toward the clients and partners.

Unlike some typical events, a corporate business event doesn’t usually have ticket selling or sponsorship selling. If it is executed in a proper way, this can be an effective way to improve one’s business, while, at the same time, leaving a positive, long-term impression on partners and clients.

So, what could corporate events include?

Corporate events can consist of different things: entertaining clients with various shows and programs but also conventions, art exhibitions, and events for employees, like team-building events (local or otherwise), motivational events, parties, and, of course, charity events.

In this article, we have put together a short guide to corporate event planning; we hope it will help.

Put your budget on paper

Almost every plan, especially a group event, demands a certain budget. For a corporate event, you may have to squeeze out a few pennies more than for private ones. Therefore, writing a list of expenses and estimating a budget you can put aside for this is crucial.

The amount that you would have to set your budget to depends on several things. First of all – what kind of an event it is. Then, of course, how many guests there will be. Where is the venue, and how upscale it is? Is the event local or would people have to travel? Which foods and drinks will be served? Are there entertainers included? Which types of technology should be rented, vehicles, etc.?

When you count all of these expenses, see if there are sponsors available for this event. Also, is there a charity cause?

Once you do all of this, you can check if there is enough money in the budget for the event or if some expenses must be cut.

The event theme and format are important

As we said when we’ve talked about the budget – when you plan the event, you probably have a certain idea of what kind of event you want. What theme comes to mind? Is there a need for a specific theme?

A thematic event is always more attractive to potential guests than just a simple reception. Even if it is a reception, if it is corporate, then you have an idea why you’re organizing it.

Hire a planner and a designer. Let them know what your ideas are. See if it is possible to create it in a venue you have chosen, for the audience you are targeting, and in a time frame, you have available. The professionals will tell you if it’s doable and what amount of money has to be provided.

Venues definitely play a huge role. Every space offers different perks. The best thing is to scout the venues around the city after you have browsed them online. If it is happening in Sydney – for example – then scout that city for the most suitable places. Usually, the best places are the ones that hold weddings – there is enough light, the sound is well-transmitted, and locations are great for everybody. Therefore, if the event is in Sydney, browse through the best Sydney wedding venues and choose the one that’s the best fit for your theme.

A well-thought-of theme can easily create a buzz and be widely shared on social media, attracting the desired audience much faster than ever.

Invest in marketing

A good idea is definitely not enough – not in this era. A good marketing plan is important for anything business-wise; therefore, it’s good to create it around a corporate event as well.

First of all, you have to have a skilled marketing team working for you. If you’re a smaller company or one that’s on the rise, you can outsource marketing experts from elsewhere. They will present a few ideas on how to advertise your desired corporate event, using their previous experience and knowledge about current trends and conditions.

When you and your team choose the best marketing plan, then it’s time to choose the best platforms to bring it to life. Social media definitely plays a big role in today’s marketing, but you can also use traditional electronic media, printed ones, billboards, flyers, or just e-mails (if it’s a small event for employees, etc.).

All of these are crucial when planning a corporate event. With these steps, you also have to have a lot of patience. Nevertheless, it always pays off, and everyone has a good time and a fun memory to bring home.

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