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Amazing venues to host team building activities in London

Amazing venues to host team building activities in London

Team-building events are a staple for any number of London-based organisations large and small. Studies have shown that events focused on boosting employee morale can improve productivity by almost three times so what are you waiting for? The benefits of team building events Some people may view team buildings events as unnecessary and, perhaps, somewhat dull.

However, these people have clearly been part of the wrong events. Activities, when operated and organised effectively, can build levels of trust, encourage greater levels of communication between employees, help to dictate what future company culture will look like and how it will benefit the wider organisation, and also promote creativity while giving people the confidence they need to have their voice heard. Team Tactics offer a range of events in the capital for companies across a range of industries that can generate the aforementioned benefits. So, now that you’re aware the team-building events most certainly should be part of your company calendar, where are the best venues in London for you to get your team together and get those creative juices flowing? Best venues in London 1. Hyde Park (or any of the Royal Parks) If you want to organise something that gets people outdoors and gets your team doing something a little bit different, then why not head outside and take your team to one of London’s many parks? Not only are all of the parks incredibly easy to get to, but they are so big that entire areas can be taken over by a company without impinging on anyone else’s enjoyment. 2. Under the Bridge, Fulham

This venue is so good because it is incredibly adaptable. Whatever you want to do, the Under the Bridge team will be able to organise it. Want to host an awards evening? No problem. Need a conference venue? They’ve got you covered. Desire a big, expansive indoor space that will let your company break up into groups as part of a team-building day? It can be sorted. 3. One Park Crescent, Marylebone Set near upmarket Regent’s Park, One Park Crescent is the perfect place for small to medium-sized businesses to host a variety of team-building events. With an array of rooms, and with staff on hand to help throughout the day, this is ideal for companies who want to focus on productivity rather than outright fun. 4. Lord’s Cricket Ground, St John’s Wood

If you want to have a team-building day that comes with an added dash of glitz and glamour, why not head off to Lord’s, the home of English cricket? For a day that comes complete with large conference rooms, great food and an incredible view, there really isn’t much else that comes close.

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