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Are you looking for virtual offices to rent? Try Warsaw!

Poland has big potential. Its capital city, Warsaw, has become the business center for the entire region east from Berlin, and yet it is still not that expensive like the rest of European capitals. Getting a virtual office in Warsaw is therefore prestigious and relatively cheap. Care to know more?

The best virtual offices in Poland

Thanks to professionals from the VSL-System, everyone can find a good, Warsaw-based address for business purposes. And you know what – it's going to be placed right in the city center. The thing is, most of today's inexpensive virtual offices can be found in rather unrepresentative locations. Somewhere outside the most prestigious hot spots. In case of Warsaw, however, these are very attractive addresses we talk about here. Somebody might argue that location doesn't really matter when virtual offices are involved, but that's not necessarily true. Why?

Well, if people want to get some knowledge about a particular company, they often use a smartphone to pinpoint its exact address in a matter of seconds. While checking the location, they can find that it is set in the downtown of the major European city. Although Warsaw's center is not Manhattan, obviously, it is still much more impressive than the outskirts of Glasgow or somewhere in southern Essen, Germany. That's why a good representative address is important – because it is a message. It tells something about your company, even if it's just a virtual office space.

Main costs of renting a business address in Warsaw

Apart from the location itself, renting virtual offices in Warsaw can be very wallet-friendly indeed. A monthly subscription for an address right in the middle of both business and cultural center starts from PLN 59 + VAT. Please note that the Polish currency still has less value than Euro, so for a western company, that usually operates in euros or dollars, this is quite a treat. For that kind of money, a client can receive an address for registration in government agencies, handling of written correspondence included. The service is rendered for an undetermined period of time, with cancellation available by a month’s notice. The rent is paid monthly as well.

All that means virtual headquarters in Poland cost very little and on a very elastic basis.

The price can be higher if you are interested with an extended package (PLN 129 + VAT). An employee of the renting company will open all incoming correspondence on your behalf, and scan the documents, which are going to be sent via e-mail afterwards. Additionally, an SMS report is available. A person will inform you immediately about the correspondence you got. This can be useful when some official letters arrive to your Warsaw address, don't you agree?

Real access to the virtual office

It is nothing unusual that businesses renting a virtual office need to actually use them physically every now and then. There can be many different reasons for that, and VSL-System can manage them all. There are few conference rooms available for clients. All of them can be rented hourly for just PLN 10. PLN 10 for authentic office space in the middle of Warsaw! Sounds insane, but that's the price. That means you can arrange an important business meeting with as much as 10 people, and pay almost nothing for it. Naturally, those meeting rooms are always clean, furnished and suitable for any kind of situation, including vital board meetings. Did we mention that they are located in the very center of the city?

Who owns the physical building?

VSL-System owns all the buildings that it uses to provide both meeting rooms and virtual offices for rent in Warsaw. That is important because in this process, the chain of companies involved should be as short as possible. The responsibility for the physical address is therefore clear. You will have a tenancy instead of subtenancy agreement. What's even more important – this situation is a guarantee of stability. Your firm can have the same address for many years to come. In other types of arrangements, lending companies often change buildings, which results in confusion and constant address juggling. Renting a virtual office straight from the real owner of the premises provides more stable arrangements.

Your own Warsaw phone number

The above also refers to a phone number. Yes, while occupying virtual offices in Warsaw, your firm will receive a local number that is going to be a landline phone with area code: 22. If someone calls it, they will be automatically redirected to a mobile phone of your choosing. The redirection of the call lasts just a few seconds. No one will notice the difference. The price of this service is also quite unnoticeable. Only PLN 1.50, which is a little more than just a quarter of 1 Euro a month.

All that we have mentioned so far is just a sketch, so to speak. An outline of benefits that come from renting a virtual office in Warsaw. We recommend visiting the VSL-System webpage, where more details (and additional benefits) are available for your own eyes to see, including the photos of conference rooms.


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