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Are you Shouting Loud Enough???

If there is one place you want to Amplify Your Message, it's at a Trade Show with your target audience in front of you! So be sure to listen to this week's episode! Also - you get a Sneak Peek of new coaching services! And I have a quick favor to ask - please see #3 below! 1) This week - Amplify Your Message with Production

Marc Collins, co-founder and Executive Producer of Odyssey Creative, began his theatre and film career around age six. Ever since then, he’s been bringing content to stages and screens for live audiences across the country and around the world. We Discuss:

  • Why is a show flow important?

  • Why is a script important?

  • Why is REHEARSAL important?

  • What are some ways that the quality of a general session's production can impact the attendee experience?

  • And So Much MORE!

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2) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #185 - Keep Your Booth Open Until the Very End Do not start dismantling your trade show booth display until the show ends. I see exhibitors doing this all the time, and it not only is a bad look for attendees who are still walking the show but also can put a black mark on your record with show organizers. If you are planning on coming back next year, you may not get preferential treatment if you leave early.

3) Need Your Input - and a Sneak Peek on new Services!

I have planned and worked hundreds of shows over the years for a variety of clients and industries, and I just flat-out LOVE trade shows!!

What do I love more than Trade Shows? Helping companies Succeed!!

So I'm finally officially launching some services - and I need your input! Can you please Check Out my new Services Page and let me know...

  • Do these Services align with what you need or have needed in the past?

  • What's Missing?

  • What is your biggest challenge you need help with?

Please REPLY to this email and let me know your HONEST thoughts! Thanks in advance!

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