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B2B Telemarketing Has Evolved

Back in the day, Business-to-Business telemarketing was an office-based version of the door-to-door salesperson, where phone operators would work their way through the telephone directory with little strategy. Callers had to manually dial each number, and if they were lucky, they could log 100 people per day. Because of that telemarketing was seen as an ineffective way of drumming up new business.

“Telemarketing can now yield quality results with a guaranteed ROI.”

Fast forward several decades and the tables have turned around. Telemarketing is one of the most successful ways of doing business. With the advance in data collection throughout the web, auto dialing, social media, modernized databases, CRM integration, and marketing automation, telemarketing can reach hundreds and even thousands of people in a day.

Today, many companies are adopting B2B Telemarketing strategies owing its many benefits of resource optimization, personalization, clear goals, and measurements to efficient alignment of sales and marketing.

Telemarketing throughout the world has shifted focus. Today’s businesses have begun looking at long-term goals rather than short-term gains. Instead of winning the sale for the day, companies are focused on cultivating trust and long-term relationship with the decision makers.

Evolving from the traditional B2B marketing techniques to contemporary B2B marketing strategies pushed telemarketing into the forefront of a successful business toolset to attract new customers yielding quality results with guaranteed ROI.


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