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Beauty and Health Products Trending in 2023 and How to Market Them

Every year, the beauty and health industry is getting bigger and bigger, and 2023 is no exception. The fact that we just went through a pandemic allowed us to pay more attention to our health and gave us time to dedicate to our beauty, so the trends today are going strong and pushing forward in many ways. If you want to find out all about the biggest beauty and health trends in 2023, stay with this article and even get information on how these trends are marketed.

K-Beauty continues to expand

K-Beauty is constantly growing and reaching more and more westward. In just 5 years, experts are projecting that this movement will reach $13.9 billion in market value. The K-Beauty movement is full of innovations and it includes a unique approach to beauty, which is something that fascinates users. With K-Beauty products, users can enjoy a natural, minimal, fun, and fresh aesthetic that westerners lack.

To penetrate the western market better, K-Beauty uses top-notch digital marketing efforts, mainly using social media platforms. This way, they can reach influencers, beauty bloggers, and writers who will create hype around their products. Sure, marketing on social media helps the movement grow, but most of its success comes from unique ingredients (snail slime, bee venom, etc.) which awaken fascination and interest.

At-home self-care

Due to the pandemic and many stores, salons, offices, and parlors closing their doors to customers, people quickly resorted to self-care DIY. From various treatments to massages, we all did it at home. Even though pandemic measures are easing, we still prefer to do certain things on our own with new innovative products made for at-home use. The best one to try in 2023 is at-home teeth whitening which is very practical, cost-effective, and easy to conduct. If you invest in quality teeth whitening strips, you can expect pro results. The way to market these products most effectively is through Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads. This way, the ads will reach their target audience and provide them with quick and easy product ordering.

Mushroom products

This is something no one could have expected, but lil’ old mushroom is having its big moment today. In the natural retail channel, mushroom products are marking double-digit growth which has launched them into mainstream popularity. Wellness and health lovers are constantly engaging with all things that have a connection to mushrooms, from culinary ideas to beauty products and even construction solutions. In 2023, the mushroom was mostly advertised as a superfood perfect for supplementation in the diet. Today, it’s easy to see commercials with beverages, snacks, coffee, capsules, powders, and teas with mushrooms as the main ingredient.

Supplements for relaxation and sleep

Consumers have been facing a lot of stress in the past few years, and unfortunately, we need to ensure stress on a day-to-day basis. The attention we’re placing on emotional health and relaxation is finally on a good level, and beauty and health brands managed to recognize that. As a result, we can see an increase in supplements, vitamins, and minerals, that support mental health, mainly relaxation, and sleep. In 2023, natural sleep support is marking a 30% growth, especially when it comes to products with magnesium and ashwagandha which helps relaxation, sleep, and stress relief. Influencers contacted by brands are obviously doing a great job marketing these products.

Sustainable packaging

Today, consumers are getting more and more research done not just on what’s inside the packaging, but the packaging itself, as well as its impact on the environment. By selectively choosing brands that are eco-friendly and moral, consumers have managed to create an entirely new trend that’s pushing more and more brands to choose upcycling, reduce waste and shift to eco-friendly packaging. The great way brands are marketing their eco-friendly side is to offer discounts for certain purchases. For instance, if consumers want to be zero-waste, they can bring their own containers and get discounts on goods. This is a great strategy that works both on eco-conscious and frugal consumers.

What do you say about the beauty and health trends of today? No matter if you buy into them or not, it’s safe to say that they are beneficial for all consumers, brands, and the environment.

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