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Building Quality Backlinks is the Base of Every Website

Building quality backlinks is the right way to improve your website popularity. According to Google, links are the number one ranking factor for websites. Besides the content, that is. Ranking without links is virtually impossible. Furthermore, there is no logical reason why would anyone build a website without links. You arrived here by clicking on a link. Using the internet today is not possible without clicking. If you wish, you can do a challenge and try surfing the net for about 30 minutes without clicking on anything. With that in mind, today we are discussing the top 5 backlink strategies to improve your rank in 2019.

Building backlinks is an art that continually progresses. If you are not capable of adapting and keeping up with ever-changing processes, your rank will gradually drop down. Nevertheless, have no fear! This useful article will teach you everything you need to know about building quality backlinks!

The essentials of building backlinks

Before we dive deeper into the topic of building backlinks, we should cover a couple of essential aspects of this process. It is imperative to understand what a backlink is, and how to make it accurately. There are many pitfalls when creating backlinks and applying SEO tactics, so learn how to recognize and avoid them.

What is a backlink

Many people think that links are easy to understand. They don't realize the importance and the difference between types of links. Before I proceed to explain the top 5 backlink strategies to improve your rank in 2019, let's understand what a backlink is.

Having quality natural backlinks is the road to success

In simple words, a backlink is a reference from another page leading to your website. Its purpose is to get new users to your web page. Do not mix them with outbound links.

The right way and the wrong way

There are many dos' and don’ts of creating backlinks. Before we discuss top 5 backlink strategies to improve your rank in 2019, let's look at what should you avoid doing if you wish to rank your website high:

excessive link exchangeover-optimized anchor textbuying links

Let's find out what these expressions mean.

Excessive link exchange

Simply speaking, this means I link to you, and you link to me. Reciprocal link exchange is useful only in cases when it's relevant to the content, and when it's not overused. Making pages for the sake of cross-linking will create a negative impact and lower your rating.

Over-optimized anchor text

When writing content for a page, you are using anchor text. These are specific keywords leading to another web page, either on your or another website. Anchor keywords should appear natural, and they should not be overused.

Let's look at an example:

„If you are a newcomer in the moving business, offers quality solutions for your company. Grow your business by enhancing your online presence, optimizing your website and improving Google ranking.”

The paragraph above is the example of proper usage of anchor text. What you shouldn't do is add too many links to a few lines of text. Moreover, think about what you're trying to achieve. Every link leads viewers off your page. You want to keep readers interested in your content, but at the same time offer them an opportunity to find more quality content by following a link you provide.

Cooperation with other websites is crucial, but it shouldn’t be overused

Buying links to improve rankings

Google clearly stated that buying backlinks to improve your rankings goes against their ethical beliefs. Breaching their guidelines is considered as bad practice. Alongside the danger of spending too much money on low-quality links, there is a high risk of a Google penalty!

Instead, build your website in a way that attracts natural quality backlinks. It costs way less than wasting money on bad links.

Top 5 Backlink Strategies to Improve Your Rank in 2019

Now I am going to show you a couple of secrets that will help you create quality content and attract useful backlinks. These principles are easy to understand. Nevertheless, they have a high success rate. With this in mind, train yourself to learn this pattern and use it to your benefit. In conclusion, your website will have a great chance of scoring high on Google rankings.

How to create evergreen keywords

The first on our list of top 5 backlink strategies to improve your rank in 2019 is a lesson on how to create evergreen keywords. Evergreen is a term used for something long-lasting. To illustrate, think about a keyword that will always be popular. For example, if you are running a gym blog, losing weight, eating healthy, or improve yourself is an evergreen topic. It is a secure way to not only attract viewers but have them come back for more.

Promoting your content is essential if you wish to get quality, natural backlinks

Build quality content

Having an evergreen keyword is not enough. Next step is to build quality content out of it. To successfully create something of use to your clients, you must ask yourself does it have all the requirements. Search your content and check if the topic comes up in Google's top ten. When writing about it, it should be something easy to read, and up-to-date. Beat your competitors by providing actionable tips and creating visually stunning material. After all, it is essential to meet and overcome your users' expectations. Consequently, your rating will improve.

Promote your content

To continue in the same manner, having quality content is only the beginning. Although it is true that there are chances of other people finding your website and linking to it as a secure source of information, promoting your content is what will get you quality backlinks. It is hard work, but it pays out in the long run.

Get down to business and do research. First, find quality websites that share similar content and contact them via a personalized e-mail. Next, explain to them that you are a follower with quality content to improve their site. Send them a link and ask if it is possible to communicate and work together. In result, if everything works well, you will have quality backlinks in no time.

Steal your competitors' backlinks

Stealing is not something that I promote. However, let's look at what I mean when I say stealing. For example, if you find a website that shares your topic of interest, check backlinks on their pages. If you think that your content has more quality and provides more information, contact them via a personalized e-mail. Explain that you can offer content that holds more value than what they have now.

Provide an URL to your page, and if they like it more, they might add a backlink to your content to an already existing page. This way, their backlink will now lead to your website, not to your competitors’ content.

Success of your website depends on many factors, you have to work hard to stay on the top

Replacing bad links

The last of my top 5 backlink strategies to improve your rank in 2019 is replacing bad links. For instance, there are many pages on the internet that have broken links. That means, if you click on it, it goes to a page that doesn't exist any longer. These broken links are a gold mine waiting to be discovered.

As soon as you find them, do not waste your time. Contact the admin of the website and explain they have a dead link. Offer them a replacement. A new, quality content that will replace already existing broken backlink. Guess what, you just earned yourself new visitors and possible clients.

Furthermore, know that there are many apps for searching broken links. In general, the software can boost your productivity. So, if you wish to invest some money to build your business, the best is to purchase apps that improve workflow and make the job easier for you and your employees.

Work hard, and it will pay off

I hope that you now understand the importance of quality backlinks, and how to acquire them naturally. By using my top 5 backlink strategies to improve your rank in 2019, you are on a path to success. Stick to this guide, and, to pardon my language, work your behind off. The competition is fierce, and no one will build your business for you.

Never think that you know it all. Use this as a nudge in the right direction, and push yourself to the limit. Who knows, maybe one day you'll have your own top 5 backlink strategies to improve someone else's rank!



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