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Can A.I. help our Events - or will it destroy everything?

Should you be afraid of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)? Will AI cost you your job? Will AI destroy the events industry? OR...can AI and AI tools be used to make our trade shows and events better than ever? 1) This week - How A.I. will Improve Trade Shows! My guest, Kalon Welch, is the Co-Owner and EVP for FastSensor where they utilize AI tools to help customers like Best Buy and Walmart better understand customer buying habits. Kalon regularly speaks as an industry expert on location based AI driven analytics and future retail based technology.

We discuss:

  • What is Unsupervised AI?

  • What Privacy concerns should we have?

  • How easy is it to deploy AI tools for events?

  • What are AI-Driven Event Analytics?

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2) NEW - Group Training! Ever get to the show and some of your staff seems confused, or you wonder if these are the same people who work for your company? Let's get your booth staff up to speed quickly and make sure everyone is on the same page with Group Training via Zoom for you and your entire team! Includes a strategy session before the training so we can understand your goals and your team, and then we put together the training to set you all up for success! Send a request here so we can discuss the possibilities! CLICK HERE 3) Trade Show PRO Tip of the Week - Watch how Attendees interact with your Booth!

At some point during the show, step aside from your booth and watch how attendees interact with your booth. Where do they walk up? What do they spend time doing or looking at? How does your team engage and interact with the attendees? Do this and you will learn so much!

4) Looking for a Topic? We've made it simple!

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Jim Cermak Host & Trade Show Coach


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