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Atlantic Scale

Providing stable conditions that are required for accurate weight calibrations and mass measurements, Atlantic Scale’s NIST Certified Weight Calibration Lab was specifically designed and constructed to eliminate any impacts from vibration and static. The Lab is always under tight environmental control. Atlantic Scale’s personnel are trained and certified by NIST and have extensive experience in meeting the industry’s rigorous technical requirements. State-of-the-art mass comparators give the utmost in accurate and precise weight calibration measurements that your calibration weights need.


“Comfort is arguably more important than appearance, and this is an area where AndaSeat delivers” says Gaming Nexus. Offering a full-size office/gaming chair collection, every AndaSeat gaming chair is designed, built, and tested by multiple product expert teams to guarantee the highest quality.

With their unique race car design, the chair is made using Premium PVC Leather, the same material used for BMW and Benz race car seats which is durable, flexible, soft and tear-proof. It will outlast traditional PU leather without losing shape, has no odor, and is very easy to clean. 3D/4D armrests support the forearm to relieve write pressure and muscle strain. AndaSeat gaming chairs come with a lifetime warranty along with fast and free delivery.

ACCE International

ACCE International offers a trained descriptive sensory panel that has achieved international recognition for quality panel work against worldwide standards (Calibsensory). It is considered a cost-effective method of research used to quantify product characteristics in detailed sensory terms.

Whether it be profiling of individual food, shelf-life testing, category appraisals of multiple products, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, entrees, complete meals or desserts, ACCE's Trained Sensory Descriptive panel can meet your needs. ACCE panelists are also proficient in testing non- foods including personal care and paper and textile products.

Offering two multipurpose preparation areas, it can handle the diverse cooking needs of CPG and food service products. In addition to accessible product delivery it also includes multiple storage areas including spacious walk-in refrigerators and freezers. If you’re looking to supply and set up your own equipment for product preparation, the sensory panel will accommodate this requirement.



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