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Creative Ways to Offer Benefits and Incentives to Your Team Members

These days employers are realizing they need to be competitive when it comes to employee benefits if they want to attract talented professionals to their team. Hiring great people is only the first step when it comes to maintaining top-notch teams, after all. The company also needs to invest in its people, and one way to do that is by offering attractive job perks. Doing so keeps employees satisfied, committed to the company, and productive. Additionally, this can create a positive, creative, low-stress company culture that other professionals will be drawn to, which can enhance a business’s brand.

Invest in your employees’ health and fitness.

Employees who have access to good nutrition and opportunities to exercise are likely to be healthier, feel better, and have more energy. So, consider making nutritious foods and snacks available to your team members, at the workplace. This might involve having healthy lunches catered or providing wholesome snacks. Also give your workers the chance to get some exercise at work, by putting in an office gym, or providing free yoga classes. Employees will be more likely to enjoy being at work when they don’t have to go out of their way to get nutrition and exercise into their schedules.

Provide opportunities for training and career advancement.

Employees are more likely to be motivated when they have goals to look forward to. Whereas if they feel trapped at work, going nowhere, they are likely to start shopping around for a different job with a more interesting company. Keep them engaged by providing access to career training events and setting up mentorship programs. You can also offer stipends for further education or career development.

Tickets and memberships make great employee perks.

One fun way to reward your team members for their work, and give them a chance to unwind, is to provide them with tickets and memberships so they can access more entertainment or arts events. Memberships to area museums or cultural centers are one idea. Or set them up with tickets to concerts, or sporting events. Try to purchase tickets in bulk in certain online platforms where you can check out ticket prices for the Dodgers or the Diamondbacks, and more easily afford to treat your employees.

Offer flexible hours and lots of time off.

Employers are now realizing that employees do better work, and stay committed to the company when they aren’t forced to be in the office 9-5, every day of the week. Keep the focus on what your team members achieve, not on how many hours they are logging, and reward them for those achievements, too. One way you can do this is by giving them the option to create their own schedule or have a hybrid model of working sometimes from home, sometimes in the office. And have a benefits package that includes paid vacation time, extended leave over the holidays, and snow days.

Make their work easier with time and money-saving perks.

You can keep your employees happy and help them be more productive when you make it easier for them to complete their tasks. Access to company vehicles is one way you can do this. Or be sure to provide them with their own devices and programs. You can also save them time by investing in a valet parking service. Or even set them up with laundry or housekeeping services for their homes.

Create a family-friendly workplace culture with these additional benefits.

Young professionals with small children or any employee in a caregiver capacity will appreciate a company culture where their family obligations are respected. Offer your workers the option to bring their kids to work, if necessary, and ideally provide in-house daycare. You should also have parental leave options included in your package.

Happy, committed team members are a vital ingredient in your overall recipe for business success. And don’t forget that another component in company health and profitability is an exceptional marketing strategy. Concept Marketing Group can help you with that, with their many services and resources.

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