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Data Hygiene Will Increase Your Sales

Creating a successful direct marketing program involves clean data records with highly deliverable addresses. Cleaning and appending your in-house files will mean cost-effective delivery rates and minimal bounces in both email campaigns and direct mail pieces. It is a proven method to ensure that you’re maximizing marketing dollars and increasing revenue.

1) Keep Your List Clean Statistics show that up to 20% of records within a typical in-house data file are undeliverable. In addition, there are crucial pieces of missing information that could help increase customer sales.

Does your data include: • Phone numbers but no physical addresses or email addresses

• Updated area code changes • Out-of-date information • Key information that could affect your marketing strategies (i.e. consumer lists with homeowner/renter information, presence of children, income level, marital status demographics; business lists with business size, employee size, sales volume demographics, etc.)

2) Learn Who the People are behind the Data When you know who you’re dealing with, you know how best to approach them. You can achieve this by supplementing your data with appended information. Here are some of the most common pieces of information to append: • Add postal addresses to records that only contain email addresses. • Add phone numbers, names, or business titles. • Add consumer details, so that you can niche your message for a better response. • Add business details such as sales volume, business headquarters or branch offices, number of employees, or contact names. 3) Data Hygiene Will Increase Your Sales Keeping your lists clean will control mailing waste and save on postage not to mention the money you’ll save on printing costs. It will open doors to new selling opportunities, streamline your marketing efforts and give you the most return on your investment for your mailing campaigns. Whether you're doing an email campaign or direct mail campaign, a clean list with all fields of pertinent data will allow you to target specific industries, and companies by sales volume or employee size, which will maximize your deliverability and increase sales.

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