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Digital Marketing Hacks: How to Get Big Results on a Small Budget

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

One of the most common hurdles small businesses face is having no money at first but having to do marketing. One of the great things about running a small business is that you get involved in every aspect – from product development and manufacturing to sales, distribution, and customer service. However, it can also mean that during busy times, you are likely spread thin and unable to give each area the attention it deserves. The marketing function is frequently overlooked.

Now, it's all the more challenging if you are working around a limited budget. What can you do? Instead of focusing on expensive marketing methods, you may concentrate on low-cost marketing hacks. Here are some of them.

Guest blog

When you post an article on another blog, you instantly gain that blog's audience. Guest blogging is free, minus the time you invest. Create an engaging piece that appeals to the blog's readership, and you may be invited back to contribute more.

Comment on blogs

The goal of marketing is to increase the visibility of your brand. One method is to leave comments on blogs. This is how it works:

  • Look for five blogs in your niche.

  • Regularly read and comment on blog entries and articles.

  • People become familiar with your name and associated brand as they see it and may even be curious about it.

You're establishing a consistent brand presence with each comment. Just make sure your comments are sensible and intelligent. The quality of your comments influences customers' perceptions of your brand.

Ask your service providers for links

A website requires high-quality backlinks to rank well. Where are these backlinks coming from? Buying links is not a good idea, so what are your options?

If you've formed relationships with service providers or business partners, you'll have access to a wealth of untapped link potential. Contact these service providers and request that they link to your website. You get a few excellent links for the price of a few minutes of emailing.

Utilize unlinked mentions

Looking for unlinked mentions of your brand or company name is another great way to get links and boost your site authority. If you come across such references in online publications or websites, email the site editor and request a link. There may be numerous brand mentions all over the internet. A quick search and a few emails later, you'll have free backlinks – the good sort.

Market and network in person

Take advantage of the chance to market in person. Everyone you meet is a marketing opportunity. Of course, you won't be shoving your company in people's faces, but if the topic of work comes up in conversation, bring it up. The entire concept of networking is marketing. You get to meet new people and introduce them to your company in person.


Twitter is a fantastic marketing platform. Its instant reach and massive output can generate significant referral traffic, brand exposure, and social buzz. You can follow at least ten influencers in your niche and their followers, retweet their tweets, and mention them in your replies. You will begin to build your own as you interact with their platform.

Upsell your current customers

Too often, we consider "marketing" to be solely a means of acquiring new customers, but some of the most effective marketing occurs with existing customers. Marketing to your customers is simple and inexpensive and can garner great results.

Hashtag away

Be known for using a particular hashtag in all your marketing posts on major social media platforms. Hashtags are searchable, interactive extensions of your brand that can spread virally.

Make use of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is free, but it provides excellent marketing opportunities. Professionals often use it as a static social media tool — a place to post their resumes and nothing else. But LinkedIn is much more than a virtual resume. You can use it to publish content, network with influential people, and create a marketing group with thousands of members.

Funding your marketing efforts

You can use business credit cards or small business loans from credit unions, online lenders, or banks to finance your marketing expenses. Lines of credit, term loans, and merchant cash advances are standard loan options. If your small business is a side hustle and you have a day job, there are ways to get cash quickly, such as salary advances.

Final thoughts

Small businesses frequently face the challenge of marketing on a shoestring budget. Still, several low-cost marketing hacks can be used, such as guest blogging, blog commenting, using unlinked mentions, networking in person, using hashtags, and using LinkedIn. There are also funding options for marketing expenses, such as business credit cards, small business loans, and salary advances.

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