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Due to the COVID-19 changes - eCommerce is evolving faster than ever

it is also extremely volatile. That also applies to marketing efforts

Marketers and entrepreneurs have faced very tough times when the entire world needed to take a break for a while. Yet, there was no stop in sight for the businesses that have taken the opportunity to move forward, and take the step into the unknown, the unknown that was fluid, everchanging.

The change was impossible to predict and the focus wasn’t in achieving growth. It was only about survival in tough economic circumstances.

Suddenly, eCommerce became a reality for businesses that never even thought of going digital. Evolution is happening right before our eyes, making us adapt faster. Buying habits changed in such a short amount of time, and marketers and entrepreneurs need to rethink their whole strategy.

eCommerce - the rising force of COVID-19 crisis

eCommerce marketing strategy continues evolving, exploring the customer’s habits which had gone to the extreme. The market is still a bit shaky, but the real effect will emerge later. We will see how eCommerce will give a more personalized experience, and we will see eCommerce intertwined with the use of AI and voice search. Social media will be our main way of socializing with customers, and SEO practices will remain one of the main pillars of online marketing.

Some interesting facts regarding eCommerce and COVID-19:

· eCommerce websites had almost 14.34 billion visits in March 2020 (Statista).

· When the disaster hit, the fastest declining eCommerce categories were briefcases and luggage with a 77% decline. The fastest-growing were disposable gloves with a staggering 670% growth (Visual Capitalist).

· Being social in the era of social distancing -in a different way. It is estimated that businesses that have at least one social media network actively generate 32% more sales than online retailers that don’t use social media platforms ( Big commerce ).

· Around 21% of shoppers abandoned their carts because the process was too complicated (eCommerce Guide).

Evaluation of your website content

Old ways don’t work, and faster you accept the new reality, the faster you will adapt to the changes.

So it is time to get back and reevaluate your website content a bit. Think about your brand voice, your products, images… How do they fit into this new normal narrative?

People are sensitive and anxious, and since human contact is now limited, it is up to you to get personal with your clients.

It is time to think about a completely new set of keywords that will help you reach your target audience. Optimize your product pages with the relevant keywords. Follow the keyword trends and start adapting.

Blogs, infographics, and even memes are the content that will help you reconnect with the audience, provide them with enough information, let them relax a bit, and provide the necessary comfort.

In the years that are yet to come, you should think about optimizing your website for voice search.

Think fast, act fast

Keeping your online store interface simple and easy to use is important. Keep in mind that overly complex systems will result in poor customer experience.

Another important factor that will play an important role is page speed. We will talk about how acting fast is important in the everchanging market. Your eCommerce website needs to be mobile-friendly since more purchases happen via mobile phones.

Also, phones could be used for fast payments, so try to implement contactless payments to your eCommerce store. It will make the entire process much easier and you will reduce the risk of abandoned carts.

Supply chain

Rethink your supply chain and inventory. The supply chain was a complex topic even before the COVID crisis hit, and things don’t get any easier now. When you think about the supply chain, things you should think of are - AI, chatbots, robotics, and automated conveyor systems. Drones that deliver goods will soon become our reality!

The demand for one kind of product has risen tremendously while others just left in the shade of the new situation.

Check for your inventory and create bundle packages where you will combine the products that sell less, make them an offer they simply can’t refuse.

Get your loyal customer some attractive discounts on products.

Email marketing and social media marketing

Don’t underestimate the power of both of them. They are not outdated. Email marketing could be a great tool to remain in touch with your loyal customers. Send them the latest offers via newsletter. Monitor customer’s behavior in your online store.

If they abandon their cart, use the email to encourage them to continue their purchase.

Social media could help you engage with your audience, share your experiences, and create a more familiar and friendly feeling, like you are in your favorite store, having a friendly chat with the workers there. In the era of social distancing, social networks will be there for the engagement, latest offers, and finding your brand voice once again.

In Conclusion

It is time to get innovative. We don’t know how this crisis will last but all we can do is to evolve alongside it. Marketing will change with the technology, SEO will always be relevant and evergreen content is always welcome.

We need to find a way to make eCommerce more personalized and closer to traditional shopping. COVID-19 just made everything faster, yet this unique transformation was inevitable.


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