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For First Time Blogger Entrepreneurs: How to Increase the Reach of Your Blogs to Monetize it

With blogging aka creative writing not restricted to ‘intellectuals’ alone, the domain has been considered as an entrepreneurial venture which could potentially open up new opportunities whilst allowing writers/bloggers to present their thoughts on a wide range of issues. In fact blogging also qualifies as both full-time as well as part-time entrepreneurship. Bloggers today are beginning to get the attention that they rightfully deserve with respect to recognition for creative work.

At this juncture, it is worth noting that blogging or writing creatively is one part of a huge circle which also includes aspects such as ensuring that blogs written rightfully reach the intended audience. This opens up the aspect of ensuring the right traffic flow for creatively written blogs.

Ensuring consistent reader traffic flow to blogs is not easy, but can be achieved efficiently through lateral thinking. In this regard, if you are a first-time blogger entrepreneur, check out below steps following which you could potentially ensure that your content stays on top of readers’ minds:

Draft a proper logic for your content: Going with the flow and trend is easy, but what differentiates your blog is the logic on which you have crafted content. This logic should be unique from competition and must creatively answer the Five Ws and One H of writing. However, remember not to overly indulge in stuffing in value-additions to your content as the core essence could get diverted leading to rejection from your target audience. Nonetheless, a creative logic should automatically add value to your content. A well-written piece always gets featured on top by search engines (in case of online blogs) thus eliminating competition.

Never overdo SEO: Search Engine Optimization is clearly a misunderstood concept when it comes to ensuring traffic flow for your content. Ensure that you put in only the right keywords while compiling the SWEO parameters for search engines. Never stuff keywords thinking that you will appear within the top search results (in search engines). Keyword stuffing and improper meta SEO aspects could lead to blacklisting by search engines.

Avoid Duplication: This is vital to increasing your reachability in online search engines. For the sake of competition, do not duplicate content written by your peers (competition) and by yourself as well. You can always update old content with newer stuff. Duplicated content is considered as spam by search engines.  Therefore, it is vital to formulate a unique logic and put-in value additions to create original content. This increases traffic to your blog.

Maintain timeliness: Remember that in the online domain, timeliness matters. Major developments should be covered at the earliest with a unique angle. This ensures loyalty of readers as well as drawing in new readers to your blog.

Shelf Life matters: In today’s digital age, content with long shelf lives is rare to find; hence, ensure to take this as an advantage and craft evergreen blogs so that a loyal reader base is maintained and these are the people coming back to read your content repeatedly. Here, timeliness gets second priority, what matters is the angle that you take and the subject matter on which the content is being crafted.

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