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Free Resources are Perfect as the Year Winds Down!

It's the time of year when Trade Shows are slowing down, so wanted to share some FREE resources to keep you on top of your Trade Show game in 2024! These are from past guests on the Trade Show University podcast. Lots of info and Freebies in this email so scroll ALL the way through! 1) Get and STAY in the Best Health!

From Registered Dietitian Brittany Liberatore, the Consistency Through the Holidays Challenge! During the holidays or busier seasons of life, you may feel overwhelmed with everything going on and can’t do all the things that you want to do when it comes to your health and nutrition. In my years as a dietitian, the holidays are usually the time that people fall off track and feel like they have to start all over again in January. This does not have to be the season that you need to abandon your healthy habits all together and wait for the New Year to get started again! Want to know how to keep the momentum going, so that you can *FEEL* good and keep yourself moving towards your goals? Then you gotta join the CONSISTENCY THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS CHALLENGE! Starts Monday November 20-Sunday January 7 which will be a 7 week challenge from Thanksgiving through the first week of the New Year! The goal is to focus on the SIMPLE things that many times we forget about being considtent with through the holiday season. These are the things that can truly help lead to making it through the holiday season well hydrated, more mindful, and keeping up with movement better than ever before!! 3 main goals and then a 4th personal goal 1. WATER 2. MOVEMENT 3. BALANCED MEALS 4. OPTIONAL PERSONAL GOAL Plus you get Weekly Group coaching calls Weekly meal plans and recipes Other wellness challenges throughout the year Private messaging with me, your dietitian! Don’t get lost on your goals over the holiday season! Maintain your momentum and head into the new year strong with the Consistency through the Holidays Challenge! To Access the Challenge & start your 1 Week FREE trial CLICK HERE to Join the Your Life Nutrition Goal Getters Group!

2) Searchable Trade Show Calendar!

From multiple-time guest Scott Tokar of CorporateFX is a valuable tool to help you find the shows you should be at! When & where is the next tradeshow in any industry? Search by location, date, industry, exhibitors, or Sq Ft. CLICK HERE to access the Calendar!

3) FREE Branding, Design and Creativity resources

Jessica Adanich of DesignPod Studio has created a series of blog posts to help you understand how to improve your branding and design! These are powerful and will help you up your brand for 2024! CLICK HERE for the DesignPod Studio Blog

4) New Trade Show Success group - Would you be interested?

In 2024, we will be launching a new Trade Show Success group where we will be guiding businesses through the process for exhibiting for success! We are talking about...

  • Leading step-by-step through the 8-Step Success Roadmap

  • Interactive Group Training and Coaching

  • Live Q&A

  • And more!

We will be launching a founding member discount for the first 100 Trade Show U listeners!

REPLY to this email to let me know if this is something you may be interested in, or if you have questions. No obligation! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

5) Free Video and Podcast trainings and tips!

- Visit our Episode Guide HERE!

- Here's the latest videos to drop on the Trade Show University YouTube Channel!

Have a question or challenge? Contact Me! I'm here to help! Jim

Jim Cermak Host & Trade Show Coach


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