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Funnels and Conversions - Avoid Making This Common Mistake

When you set up a sales funnel, the obvious goal is for it to give you the best chance of conversions. However, there is one common mistake that more people than you would think are making. Furthermore, they continue to make this mistake repeatedly. The end result is usually a loss of potential profits.

So what is the mistake they are making? The backend offers that they offer after a sale of a product or service has nothing to do with the one that they just purchased.

Some of you are probably reading this and realizing that you too have made this mistake more times than you care to admit. It is such a simple mistake and one that can be easily avoided with a bit of forethought. If you bought a new car, would you expect the backend offer to be a reduced price on bicycle repairs?

It is completely senseless and a colossal waste of such an excellent opportunity for future conversions. Again, while it sounds obvious, you would be surprised at just how often this mistake is made.

Keep Your Backend Offers Related to the Products You Sell

If your backend offers are related to the product that the customer just bought, you are going to stand a huge chance of converting.

Let’s show a hypothetical example. For example a good site for this example to follow is Privacyonline.

Let’s say that you offer SEO services and that a customer has just paid for a website analysis report of their website. The report shows them what they are doing right with their website, what they are doing wrong. It shows them the steps needed to optimise their website for SEO, do keyword research, the length and regularity of posted content, and the backlinks they should be targeting,

With that information in their hands, what sort of backend offer do you think will benefit them? Would you upsell something like a social media marketing course to them? No, it would be of no use to them now as they have just been given a ton of stuff that they need to do to their website. You would have just lost a potential sale.

Instead, perhaps you could offer them services such as keyword research, so they do not have to do it. Or maybe you could offer to write their website content or optimize their website. Any of those would convert far higher than something unrelated. You would have saved them a lot of time in return for more of their money.

Of course, with some more free time on their hands, this could now be the right time to upsell that social media marketing course. It goes on from there, as next could be to handle their social media platforms for them. And on and on it goes if you have taken the time to develop a strategic sales funnel that breeds conversions.

The Key Takeaway

Always think long and hard about your sales funnels and conversions. It is not just a case of selling one product and then offering another. Think about how each can connect in steps and lead to the best chance of converting into sales. Most times, a well thought out sales funnel could take a customer through your complete range of services and products. Why waste all that potential because of an incorrectly designed sales funnel?

So, now that you have all that information on board, does anyone want to hire me to create your sales funnels? You will get a great deal, promise!

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