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Give Back as a Team: Charitable Team Building Opportunities in Toronto

Giving back to the community through charitable activities is a great idea for team building and bringing your employees together for a good cause! It basically lets you create an impactful change, all while building a strong bond.

Charitable team building exercises also serve to foster a culture of empathy and compassion in the workplace. And bonus point: it helps support your company's DEI initiatives promote your local community and build your corporate social responsibility. 

The Positive Impact of Charitable Team Building

Charitable team building is an excellent approach for businesses to have a good impact on the community. The team can contribute time, expertise, and donations to great causes!

Furthermore, philanthropic team building can promote team cohesion, cooperation, and collaboration. Furthermore, helping others in your community fosters an environment of empathy and compassion among employees. As a result, you can help your staff develop a feeling of purpose and meaning that extends beyond your office.

Types of Charitable Team Building Activities

Charity Event Donation

Charitable work can be seamlessly planned and executed virtually, even if the final event is in person. Traditional charity ideas can be easily adapted for remote and hybrid teams. Volunteering, fundraising challenges, and donation drives can all be organized and completed online. Here are some creative ways to incorporate virtual charity team-building activities:

Virtual Events

All types of events and activities can be conducted virtually. Whether it’s a conference or a dance party, virtual platforms make it possible to tailor charitable team-building events for remote teams. Using video calls and chat features, your group can connect online for any event.

For example, you could dedicate the proceeds from an online event to a charitable organization or host a virtual volunteer opportunity in partnership with a nonprofit. Teamland's "Food Bank is Right" is an excellent example of how virtual team-building events can be both fun and impactful. Inspired by the classic game show "The Price Is Right," this event has teams competing in trivia and grocery-themed challenges to earn points. These points are then used to buy groceries that are donated to local food banks.

Online Fundraising

Most fundraising today is done through online donations. Leverage this by collecting contributions via an online fundraiser. Host a campaign or sell tickets to an online event, then donate the proceeds to a charitable cause. Engaging in a friendly competition to see who can raise the most money can further motivate your team.

Online fundraising simplifies tracking progress compared to manually counting cash or checks.

Virtual Donations

Platforms like Amazon Wishlist make setting up an online donation drive straightforward. Share a link with your employees, and have items sent directly to a community charity. Charity staff can help tailor a wishlist with the exact items they need, such as clothing, toiletries, toys, or books. Sharing the link on social media can help spread the word and increase contributions.

Volunteering as a Team

Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering, whether in person or virtually, is a hands-on way to engage your team. It helps your community and boosts teamwork and company culture as employees bond over shared goals. Here are some tips for organizing volunteer events:

  • Determine Interests: Identify what kind of volunteer event your group is interested in to ensure team engagement and morale.

  • Coordinate with Charities: Regularly communicate with local charities to determine the best activities to support the organization based on your team size, location, and interests.

  • Communicate with Your Team: Make sure your employees know what to expect by clearly communicating details and expectations. This preparation ensures everyone is on the same page.

Teamland's "Charity Bike Build" is an inspiring corporate charity event that combines team-building with philanthropy. In this activity, teams work together to assemble bicycles, which are then donated to children in need. This hands-on event fosters collaboration, enhances problem-solving skills, and provides a tangible outcome that benefits the community.


Charity events for team building in Toronto serve a dual purpose: they make giving back more enjoyable and strengthen team bonds. Before embarking on a project, it’s essential for you and your team to set clear goals, plan meticulously, and collaborate effectively to ensure the success of the activities.

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