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Great Customer Experience has the Power to Accelerate Growth

by Mark Ungerman

Markets and opportunities move fast. Great Customer Experience has the power to accelerate growth as consumers have more power than ever before. Social media accelerates the flow of information and gives everyone a voice. Technology all but makes time and place irrelevant by providing anytime, anywhere access to almost anything. If any organization is perceived as being too hard to work with, then it’s all too easy move on to another company. Does this fact strike fear or spark excitement?

Perhaps it’s this shift in consumer power that has prompted many business leaders to increasingly believe customer service is as important, if not more important, than product or brand. According to Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research, over two-thirds of organizations today, and in the future, indicate customer experience as their top way to compete for customers. Let that sink in for a moment. When it comes to growing their business, these organizations are betting that customer experience is more important than product or branding.

Consider these companies who have risen to become successful because of loyal customers: Chick-fil-A, Shake Shack, Harley Davidson, Trader Joe’s, Dollar Shave Club, Zappos, and more. Each of these companies compete in well-established markets often dominated by much larger competitors. Yet these companies thrive because of their evangelizing customers.

If your call center is more than 5 years old, you are not alone. But the larger point is your call center systems may be holding you back. Again, according to Mark Smith, by 2021 only 50% of organizations will have transformed their business to be more intelligent and automated by embracing digital technology. The real question is, will you use this time of disruption to take advantage of market opportunities.

The key to delivering exceptional customer experience lies with an organization’s ability to be agile. Yes, speed is important. But even more important is an ability to change when critical change is required. And it’s precisely this lack of agility that poses one of the greatest barriers to giving customers what they want, in the time and place they desire. Join Mark Smith in a discussion on how to transform your call center. During this presentation, Mark will talk about what digital transformation means to contact center leaders, what technologies are “must haves” and offer six recommendations to help you build a compelling business case to fund your call center transformation.

Mark Ungerman Mark has worked in technical product management and marketing for 20+ years. In his current role as Director, Marketing CX for NICE, he is responsible for conducting primary research to understand how business leaders use customer experience solutions to increase profitability through improving productivity and customer lifetime value. Prior to NICE, Mark held influential roles helping technology companies build and bring products to market.


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