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Grow your business through email marketing: 5 tips to help you

Emails are a powerful and vibrant way to connect with people.

And if you are a business entity, it could be your ultimate growth hack. As Colin Nederkoorn (founder Customer.IO) says:

“If you are running a real business, email is still the most effective way to universally reach people who have expressed interest in your product or site. For that, it really can’t be beaten.”

The Radicate Group recently came up with numbers defining how there are 2.5 billion people worldwide using emails. This makes more than 34% of the world population sending 196 billion emails every day. Of these, 109 billion are business emails.

Why is Email Marketing Important for 2020?

Email Marketing is a cost-effective digital marketing strategy with one of the highest Return-on-Investments (ROIs). It enables a company to connect their marketing channels for a fluid and cohesive buyer’s journey.

The part making it a distinctive strategy is personalization. You can tailor emails to customer action so that every communication is relevant to their interest. As per Experian, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.

Still, some people believe email marketing could be a waste of time. Perhaps because of their personal experiences, e.g., archiving, swiping left, sifting, marking as spam, etc. They think emails will get lost in the flooded inbox and never seek the attention of the prospects.

If you, too, have the same perspective – scroll down for tips to make your emails catchy enough.

5 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing is relevant for 2020, and you can watch your business grow if you work on the following ideas to swell your email marketing list:

1. Segment your email lists

We are no longer living in a time when a company had to send a generic email to all of its subscribers. Also known as blast emails, it is a practice that’s no more relevant owing to the trend of personalization.

As Sarah Vandenberg, CEO of Vandenberg Digital Communications, explains that you may have subscribers who are interested in different types of emails, like coupons, events, or news, but not necessarily all three. It will improve your click-through rate too.

For instance, if you offer a discount for students, you should segment your email list according to the age group. And if you have a press release, sending it to the media list is a much better choice than sending it to all. Ensure that all emails are not promotional, as that would defeat the purpose of segmenting your list.

1. Personalize the email to each recipient

If done right, personalization can encourage the customers to open an email and interact with the content. Think of the promotional emails you get in your inbox every day. Do you open all of them?

On the contrary, whenever there is an email addressing you by the name and speaking to you in first-person – it creates a different impact. “Hi (recipient’s first name),” helps to engage the reader so they would at least read what you bring to the table.

As per eConsultancy, 74% of marketers say targeted personalization creates customer engagement. Subscribers nowadays crave highly relevant messages that fit their interests and pain points. The Janrain Study shed light on this fact by revealing that 74% of online customers become frustrated when receiving irrelevant content.

No matter how you slice it, personalization will boost email marketing strategies across different industries.

2. Make emails mobile-friendly

The majority of your subscribers will open your email on mobile, so it’s vital to use a responsive template. Mobile-friendly designs avoid the need to zoom in and out to take a good look at the content. They also make it easy to navigate through the email and explore all options provided by the sender.

According to Litmus, 51% of people read emails on their mobile phones. It also shows that 71% of people will delete an email if it doesn’t display well on the mobile device.

If you opt for a service like MailChimp, you will find their templates quite responsive. It helps to deliver your message across all devices and screen sizes. You can also go the extra mile and have a custom template designed for your emails. The cost for this is minimal, and it allows you to give your email marketing strategy a professional look.

1. Have a clear call-to-action (CTA)

Milan Malivuk, director of Marketing at itracMarketer, is correct when he says that one of the biggest email marketing mistakes is not having a clear call-to-action. Regardless of your intent, if the email does not direct a reader towards a particular action, the chances are that he/she will delete the email.

Following are some tips to get people to click your CTA buttons:

· Make it visually clear with a compelling copy

· Don’t make it long. Use five words or so.

· Use an action-oriented copy, telling people what to do. For example, use phrases like “Click here,” “Download Now,” etc.

· Make sure the CTA is easy to find. Don’t let it draw apart from the original content of your email.

Getting people to open your email is the first step. You have to encourage them to take some action to help your business grow.

2. Offer an incentive

The best way to encourage site visitors to subscribe is to offer a content upgrade. You must provide something meaningful to your audience. It could be an exclusive coupon, a handy checklist, or an e-book.

People will click on the CTA or exchange their email address in the first place if they feel a need for it. They should understand the value and know that you are not merely after their money.

Concluding Comments

Email Marketing is the best method to take your business to the next level. A carefully crafted email marketing strategy will help you examine the needs and wants of your potential customers. When known, you can then fulfill their requirements and satisfy them.

Author Bio

Audrey Throne has an ongoing affair with the words that capture readers’ attention. Her passion for writing dates back to her pre-blogging days. She loves to share her thoughts related to business, technology, health and fashion.

Find her on Twitter: @audrey_throne

Audrey Throne

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