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How Can You Become a Successful Content Provider?

In this article, I am going to quickly walk you through how I became a successful online freelance writer and which technology I use to help me continue to grow as a content provider. I aim to help others bring their writing career forward by using software to not only add value to your online content services but also to help you encourage clients to provide you with continuous projects.

Just so you know, I will begin with a short exposé of how I became an online freelance writer. Next, I will cover which software I use to deliver high-quality content and offer additional services to my clients so I can build long-term relationships based on results and success.

If you would rather skip straight to the ‘technology’ section and get straight down to the nitty-gritty, then just scroll down to the next section where I share exactly how I have continuously improved as a writer using software to lead the way...

Here goes!

How I Became a Digital Freelance Writer

It is quite bizarre how I even became a writer so let’s begin there!

Freelance writing was never a career I thought would suit me. It was something that I admired others for being able to master and so at an early age I had already succumbed to the fact that writing words to express myself or to explain a technical subject was not my forte. Nonetheless, here I am now, a successful freelance writer that gets to work wherever and whenever suits me.

Now even from this article, you may think, well, this guy’s writing isn’t all that! And I wouldn’t blame you because it isn’t writing blogs like this one that got me to where I am today.

I found my niche in the world of freelance writing within the IT tech industry. For example, I write blogs for the VPN solutions industry and VoIP solutions providers.

In this industry, most companies do not require a writer with flair and instead someone willing to put in the research, fact check, and just make sure the text is readable and has a point to it – I hope that’s what will happen by the time I finish this piece too!

So, moving on…

My employment background is in IT – specifically disaster recovery. Therefore, I know a thing or two about various IT systems. As a disaster recovery consultant within the financial industry, I had to understand how a trading company could literally lift its entire operations out of its current building and plant those operations in another building miles away.

Every employee at the trading firm needed to be able to log in to their computers and access their comms systems as if they were sat in their usual office building. I can tell you now, this is not easy but some processes can make this happen in the space of just a few short hours.

As you can imagine, I learnt a lot in my 8 years as a consultant, and my understanding of IT system is like a blueprint in my head. Therefore when someone needs an article to explain SIP trunking, VOIP, routers, firewalls, VPNs, data recovery, networking, and even how the internet, World Wide Web, Darknet, Dark Web, or blockchain ecosystems work I have a very good grounding.

With my grounded knowledge, I was able to write some informative articles that made sense despite the fact there was not much flair in my writing. The great thing about these industries is they do not require a ‘New York Times’ or ‘Times’ magazine quality writer, they just need someone that knows their stuff and can write it into an article that makes sense.

Of course, I didn’t just walk into this industry. It was hard graft and, in the beginning, I was paid hardly anything.

My articles were good for nothing more than to fill a space on a blog that was never read or placed on a website for SEO purposes. However, as time went on, and my ratings on a website called Upwork increased, both my writing skills and my rate of pay improved.

Today, I live a very comfortable life, I can spend all day writing an IT guide on a very good day rate, I write PDFs, and I am also a news writer for some better than average online publications – nothing extraordinary at the moment, but enough to get me by and stick some cash away in the bank!


I am surprised at how much information I had to offload for this article. I hope that the content is useful. To be honest I did not use any of the software tools mentioned above to write this article. I just wanted to write something that could be useful to other right off the cuff and here ‘voila’ – here it is ladies and gents!

I began with summarising my entrance into the online freelance writing industry that came off the back of my IT career. I guess the main point I wanted to make there was to let you all know that you do not have to be an amazing writer to become a successful one. You just need to be a fluid writer with knowledge of what it is you are writing about.

As long as you fact check, proofread, and your article fulfils its main points, then you are already a step closer to making a career out of writing. Alternatively, maybe you are just looking to add content to your website. Whichever it is, always read it back to yourself and ask yourself if your content makes sense.

Just using these simple processes, you will also be able to build a career in freelance writing and work from home or while traveling.

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