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How is the Lead Generation at your booth?

Leads - they're literally why you're at the show. Nearly every exhibitor is trying to generate leads and as many leads as possible. That is exactly what my guest and I are talking about in this episode!! 1) This week - Skyrocket Your Booth Lead Generation

Get Pro Tips on Booth lead generation from someone who has done 10,000 live sales performances!

Jonathan Pritchard founded ROI Trade Shows to help clients get more out of their exhibits. He combines his decades of entertainment experience with his powerful business marketing skills to create dynamic presentations that help attract, educate, and qualify leads.

We Discuss:

  • Lead generation strategies like giveaways & swag

  • Using in-booth presenters

  • Which strategies work best

  • Creating custom experiences

  • And much more!

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2) Is it time to bring in a Pro to train your booth staff? I have successfully trained booth staff for decades and taught them how to properly and quickly engage and qualify attendees so you are spending time talking with the Right people! I have seen companies Double their leads and even more. Click this link to learn more and schedule your free 15-minute Discovery Call! 3) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #188 - Consider attending vs. exhibiting When going to a brand new show you have never been to before, and you are not 100% sure this is the right show for your business, it may make better sense to go as an attendee. That will allow you to see if the other attendees are truly your ideal target audience, and also get a sense of the other exhibitors and the overall vibe of the show. It will also save you a boatload of money - especially if it turns out to be the wrong show for you! Don't get me wrong - please don't go and sell and try to play an exhibitor there! Go to learn, and you can still make great connections at the same time.

4) Did you miss any of these episodes?? Click to listen!

Jim Cermak Host & Trade Show Coach <== Send me an email!

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