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How this client Increased Leads 150%

by Jim Cermak

Is it really possible to increase the number of Qualified Leads you get by 150% in just ONE show?? YES!! I'll show you how I helped one of my clients do it in this week's episode! 1) This week - Tip Stacking for max Results

So the trick I use with my clients is called Tip Stacking. What is Tip Stacking? Simply put, it's making improvements in multiple areas for your next show. But you have to be strategic about it! Improvements are great, but you have to pick the right ones to help meet and crush your goals. So in another quick episode, I go through exactly what my client did to more than DOUBLE their Qualified Leads in just one show. Plus the episode tells about a Free Tool which will help you do it! It will be more than worth your time to Listen or Watch this one! Double your money back if you don't find value! :) Listen now to #237 and SHARE IT!! Episode #237 - Tip Stacking!

2) Did You Miss any of these Tips and Training Videos?

Here's the latest videos to drop on the Trade Show University YouTube Channel!

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3) Looking for a Topic? Find what you need FAST!

- Visit our Episode Guide HERE! Have a question or challenge? Contact Me! I'm here to help! Jim

Jim Cermak Host & Trade Show Coach

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