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How to Balance Setting Up a Business and Caring for a Newborn

Photo Credit: Sarah Chai via Pexels

Setting up a business while caring for a newborn can be challenging, but it can be done. Let’s look at how you can grow your new business and balance the everyday realities of being a new parent. Here are some helpful tips and advice on new business ownership and new parenthood, courtesy of Concept Marketing Group.

Steps for Establishing a Business

Starting a business involves making a series of decisions and taking action. These include:

• Selecting your product(s)

• Identifying your customers

• Choosing a business name

• Registering your business

• Locating a place to work

• Obtaining equipment

• Creating a budget

Creating a business plan with one-year and five-year forecasts

• Securing financing

Creating a DBA Name

If you plan to run a business, having a doing business as (DBA) can help. A DBA is an assumed legal name for your business. Choose a name that's unique and describes the type of business your company does. A DBA makes it easier to add diverse services or products to your business without having to establish separate business entities for each one. State or local laws may also require you to get a DBA, so do your research first.

Working from Home

Working from your home can be a perfect solution when caring for a newborn. But to capitalize on the time available to work, you need to be disciplined. To maintain a balance between being with your family and being productive, you need to learn to become your own boss and quality-control person. Set boundaries and establish a schedule for the best results.

Invest in a few professional-looking, but comfortable, items of nursing wear so that you can easily transition between mom and businesswoman without missing a beat. A few great nursing bras are a must, but add some flowy tops and simple dresses to keep your look professional, too.

Finding Postpartum Care

Most people find the prospect of childcare a little intimidating, but you can take steps to make it easier. You might find it helpful to hire a doula to provide postpartum care, including newborn care (diaper changing, feedings, etc.), grocery shopping, and assistance when you need to leave the home without your baby. You can then use the uninterrupted time you need to handle work-related tasks, errands, and chores.

Childcare doesn't have to be all or nothing. Even a few hours during the day can help. Getting out of the house for a walk can clear your head and recharge your batteries, and having someone else in charge of the baby lets you focus on your work.

Set Up the Corner of Your Office for Your Baby

If you plan to work from home, you probably don't want your baby to be creeping around your office. You need a dedicated space in the office where you can keep an eye on the baby while you focus on your work. Ensure it has plenty of age-appropriate items to keep your baby entertained, and that it is free from cords, electrical sockets, and other things that can be dangerous for a curious little one.

Tap Into Helpful Apps

If you're starting a business, have a look at downloading some apps to help you streamline your life. Here are a few apps you can use to get started:

Evernote - for capturing information and note-taking.

Google Calendar - for scheduling.

If you plan on doing any social media work, it’s important to know how to quickly resize an image for Instagram. This will keep your updates looking sharp and engaging for your customers. However, you may want to outsource your marketing - at least for a while - to remove one thing from your plate. Concept Marketing Group can help you with content writing, digital marketing, and SEO tools to keep your business moving forward while you take some time to enjoy motherhood.

Make It Easy

Having a baby doesn't mean you have to stop building your business. Carefully selected resources, tools, and strategies can make the transition easier for you. And outsource when you need to. Hiring a doula or Concept Marketing Group can help you provide better work/life balance as you adjust to motherhood. So, make sure your business is set up and ready to go — and remember to bring your family along for the ride.

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